Monday, September 9, 2013

Bath and Body Works Holiday Signature Body care ideas

September 9, 2013

I am sitting here staring at my holiday candles and wallflower bulbs... just smelling everything before I write out my thoughts of them..with thoughts of Holiday Signature care on my mind.

The products will be out soon, probably a month from now...we may see a launch of the entire four/five scents or a sneak peek or tease of them to keep us pacified. 

I haven't seen or heard names this is my speculation.  Only speculation.....I don't want anyone disappointed if it turns out what I write does not come out....nor do I want people saying I read it here that it is coming out and these are the scents.

I am thinking its going to be the regulars.....  {hoping for some gingerbread, and caramels...but I think its going to end up the safe old stand by scents----can we please have a temptation or two.....a girl does love her some gingy.}

  • winter candy apple
  • vanilla bean noel
  • twisted peppermint {probably the one week deal thing again}
  • pink sugarplum
  • frosted snowberry???( i'm thinking no)
  • and a berry something {snow kissed berry}.....yep, it would not surprise me. ;)
And I am hoping for some new things as well as the regular:

 Fine fragrance mist, travel sizes, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Triple Moisture Creams,  lip gloss, shimmer, bubble bath, foam cream in a can??

Every thing so far in the traditions line has this adorable Fair Isle sweater pattern on and its wintery and the weather here is crazy lately....(90's one day and 40's at night the next) so with that bit of a just makes you think....what will the bottles look like?   Little girls and eskimos....or little houses and snowmen and reindeer???. 






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