Tuesday, April 30, 2013

White Barn Candle test: White Barn Summer 4.30.13

I got great news in an email sent to me from our favorite video blogger, Littleballadeer... there is a new candle coming out in test stores and it's called White Barn Summer.

I laughed when I read this because not even a few days ago I called the test stores and asked if they are getting anything new in.... remember I wrote about it?   And they said nothing new is coming until fall tests.  I know they only know what they are told...and I hate to call them a lot asking them things...but I guess if I don't I may not get new things to try.

Goodness....info is tight coming out anymore. I am also wondering if it is not so much a test as an early release...since I have the wallflower already of the same name.

Well, I heard that there is a summer-time scents group coming out in Wallflowers so I should have guessed it may also match candles too.  I have been so engrossed in trying out the new Kringle candle company candles they sent me along with the 13 I ordered on my own I never gave more bbw tests for summer-time another thought.

I was able to get the W/B Summer wallflower this weekend and I have been keeping it plugged in a bedroom....testing it out...then unplugging it when I am burning candles.  I like it so far...but it is also familiar to me.

So I guess now I need to try out one of these new w/b summer candles....  Didn't I also just write summer is around the corner?  Who Knew.  Haha

White Barn Summer - Enjoy the bright scent of a long, sunny Summer day with this blend of water blossoms, mint leaves and a hint of eucalyptus.

label- green field with a little house in the back and trees

I have two... COMING NEXT WEEK!!!
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Spring-time smiles 4.30.13

This time of year, life gets busy.  With the days seeming to be longer, there is time to do that one more thing before your head hits the pillow.  And even then, I find I am still thinking about what is next to tackle.

I am not a big fan of the super hot temperatures of summer.  I am a spring-time and autumn gurl.  I love that sense of renewal of spring when everything seems to burst into bud all at once after winters deep sleep.  And falls gentle reminder that the beauty of everything green needs a time to rest. 

The weather here is definitely trying to work some magic.  Last week it was clear blue skies with sunshine right up until yesterday and todays rain showers.

What is it they say...April showers bring May flowers?

I hope so.  I have high hopes for my garden this year.  It's time to get my fingers dirty.

It is my oasis...my peace.  In a chaotic world, I can still sit on my back steps with a cup of tea and lose myself in all of the green that surrounds me while watching nature at her best.

So you will see my blog list is also growing a bit this spring:

  • bath and body works insiders
  • kringle candle company candle reviews
  • I dig gardening
  • candle sweetheart
  • here comes the bride
  • the sweet heart bride
  • all things hallmark
  • Disney vacation
  • a finch in the willow
  • sale shopper
  • life inside the page
Bath and Body Works Insiders is the place I post those little tidbits I find out about items here in my area as well as where I share thoughts of the tons of products I buy.  With over 175,857 views in 8 months I would say Bath and Body Works products are quite popular.

Kringle Candle Company reviews is a place that I write out what I think of this fantastic brand of candles I have been trying.

I Dig Gardening is where I will share my love of gardening and my love for the critters that visit me.

Candle Sweetheart is where I am sharing all things candle.

Here Comes the Bride  
                                          where I will share bride tips and tricks
The Sweetheart Bride 

All Things Hallmark  is where I will share my love of Hallmark (especially ornaments).

Disney Vacation  is where I am sharing Disney 5.10.13

A Finch in the Willow is where I wrote out my life daily since my daughters murder...the good, the bad and the ugly.  My place for dealing and healing.

Sale Shopper is where I post things I find on sale...as well as the information from the QVC insider.

And Life... Inside the Page is where I continue the Bath and Body works writings and everything else!  :)

I hope your spring-time  is taking you to those places that make you smile and I hope you pop into one of my blogs and see what is doing the same for me. 

Tuesday's Deal of the Day Aromatherapy Body Cream 4.30.13

In stores only:


Coupon offers 4.30.13


Free Item With Any Purchase of $10 or More

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Victorias Secret Fresh Sorbets ~ Monkey see.....monkey do...not 4.28.13

I am not surprised at how much the new Victoria Secrets Fresh Sorbets products seem to match the new Bath and Body Works Italy line.  While shopping at VS this weekend I saw the Fresh Sorbets and went over for a closer...smell.  :)

I grabbed two of the shower scrubs, the body butters and the mists...some for me to try and a few for a birthday gift I needed.

Upon leaving the store, I went next door to talk to a friend and worker at BBW and she asked what was in the bag, so I showed her.  As she pulled each item out of the bag standing in front of the Italy display we both acknowledged the conversation that was had a few weeks ago....when I wrote about how BBW is trying to eliminate too much info from getting out.  They know we want to know...everything...now.  And they want us excited for the products so we buy them.....from them....  Not Victoria Secrets.

Honestly, I tried two out of the three scents at home....and I liked BBW's Italy line so much better.  I did try VS Apple and Sparkling Cassis in the store and wasn't impressed enough to bring it home.  The scents are all lovely....but I found the mists and the body creams weak and not long lasting on the skin.  I wouldn't rebuy them.

The VS I bought came with a few gift boxes upon request and some tissue paper and a pink stripped bag; all at the price of 5 for $30.00, which included their 14.00 body mists. They also gave me a ten dollar off coupon that I used. $26.00 before tax for 6 items.

Bath and Body Works Italy line are currently on sale with a buy three get three free....which would have cost me at least $44.00 to duplicate item for item and if I had a survey coupon I could get ten dollars off making them $34.00 before tax for 6 items.

There weren't any free gift boxes and tissue paper at BBW for the extra $8.00 cost but thankfully what was there was...the fragrance.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

New-Ness 4.27.13

After a glorious day spent outside in the beauty of the world on this sunny, warm day I made a visit to my favorite BBW store.  A store I just found out is becoming a test store.... Yay!

And with a new floor set not happening.....ugh....until  May 13th that means there is not too much new-ness out yet.

With a few exceptions:

  • A new Wallflower bulb giving us a sneak peek of what's coming----  White Barn SUMMER

  • A new Forever Red Luminous body soufflee  5.5oz   $26.50

  • A new pocketbac coral reef  (hand soap coming) 
  • A new pocketbac island bamboo ( hand soap coming)

I will plug in the Summer wallflower to get the scent and update this blog in a bit.  As well as try out the new Pocketbacs.

Now let me share a few words about the body soufflee.  Expensive. Yes.  But I added a few things to make the $30.00 and used a survey to bring down the price.

Soft and rich feeling?  You bet.  Better than the TMC cream.  Non greasy and very silky on the skin.  It gives your skin a pearl-essence glow to it....not glimmer or shimmer....more pearlized.

The scent is light and lovely and the red glass jar is beautiful and HEAVY.  When this is empty you could leave it on a dresser to hold earrings and other jewelry things.  It measures 3.75" x 3.75" square and is just about 2.5" high.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Kringle Candle Company Review: Petals in Water wax potpourri melt 4.26.13

Early yesterday afternoon I began melting this new scent: Petals in Water and let it burn for more than two hours

Definitely floral.  This melt has a very strong throw and the scent carried upstairs in no time with only using two pieces. That is exactly what I want in a melt.

The cold smell of this reminded me of  fabric softener on your clothes.  That perfume - flowery - reminds you of clean scent.   And warmed it was an intense version of that.  I smell the rose in it...and the musk.  I did not notice any fruit to it.  It is a beautiful combination, in increments.  The few hours I had this burning is enough at a time.  It left my house smelling lovely according to my husband....and who doesn't want to hear that.  :)

I would rebuy this and burn it at this time of year.

Happy scenting, and much love.

Free shipping code:   KringleReview63

Petals in WaterWax Potpourri MeltIndividual


Width:2 inches
Height:1 inches
Weight:0.08 lbs

About the Wax Potpourri Melt

New Kringle Wax Potpourri Melts are very easy to use and ultra-fragrant! Mix pieces of Wax Potpourri Melts from different fragrances to create unique aromatic blends.
Step 1. Remove Wax Potpourri cap and pop Melt out of container. Step 2. Break Melt into pieces and place in top bowl of your warmer. Step 3. Light a tea light in base of warmer. The scented wax above will melt and fill the room with fragrance.
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About our Petals in Water fragrance

Sweetly delicate lilac and rose nuance soar together over a base of fruit and musk. If peace and tranquility had a fragrance, this might well be it.

Kringle Candle Company Review: Royal Cherries wax potpourri melt 4.26.13

I started this candle melt this morning and in no time my house is filled with a smell of sweet cherries.  I really must say these candle potpourri melts are extremely fragrant and have a good throw to get the scent upstairs with just a few pieces.

I am also loving their tea lights performance.  I have purchased cheap tea lights to burn melts from stores like Walmart, Michaels and AC Moore and like it is said....you get what you pay for.

The cold scent of this melt is that of sweet cherries.  Warmed up, you can smell a hint of tartness...almost like a pie...but not enough to dampen the sweet.  It reminds me of candy and those things flavored cherry. 

I was burning this one in my kitchen today to check on just how far the scent would travel and in coming down the stairs I found this fragrance very pleasant.  When I popped the top off I was a bit hesitant. I didn't want my house smelling like cough medicine.  This is no way that kind of scent.

I used two pieces of the melt and found I have rooms full of fragrance.  This is definitely one I will rebuy as well as gift.

I am hoping to burn this and a vanilla melt together....as well as in two different units at the same time to see how they will blend.

Happy scenting, and much love.

Free shipping code:   KringleReview63

Royal Cherries Wax Potpourri Melt Individual


Width:2 inches
Height:1 inches
Weight:0.08 lbs

About the Wax Potpourri Melt

New Kringle Wax Potpourri Melts are very easy to use and ultra-fragrant! Mix pieces of Wax Potpourri Melts from different fragrances to create unique aromatic blends.

Step 1. Remove Wax Potpourri cap and pop Melt out of container. Step 2. Break Melt into pieces and place in top bowl of your warmer. Step 3. Light a tea light in base of warmer. The scented wax above will melt and fill the room with fragrance.
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About our Royal Cherries fragrance

Filled with the special fragrant lusciousness of dark red tart-sweet Royal Cherries at their seasonal peak.

Just around the corner 4.26.13

The week here weather-wise has been extraordinary.  Warming spring temperatures and blue skies with just a touch of puffy white clouds make for some really wonderful days spent outdoors.  Spring is here, finally....  and that means summer is just around the corner.

Bath and Body Works has been keeping us all pretty busy these past four months with many new and some re-launched fragrances.

So far we have had:

  • 1.14 escape to the tropics Paradise collection 
  • 2.4 Forever Red & Sweetheart collection
  • 3.4 Fresh Picked & Wild Garden collection
  • 4.1 Beautiful Day & Bella Italy

  • And now we have another new signature item coming next month, Pure Paradise as well as a brief re-launch of Malibu Heat.

  • 5.13 Pure Paradise & Malibu Heat

  • I don't know about you, but I do know that my closets are bursting with a ton of products and in taking an inventory of all that I have, any new products are going to have to be really special and unique for me to go overboard on them.  I loved all of the Bella Italia line.....as reflected in the numerous boxes on my shelves.

    I was told that the try me sized Pure Paradise could be in stores as soon as this weekend.  I know the launch was scheduled for just after Mothers Day but we all know that means it could also be pushed up a few days.  Maybe even in time for the May 4th Ultimate Gifts event.

    I am not a big fan of the gift for that day...Beautiful Day, so I am not sure that I will be heading out for that event.  I know the mothers day candle will be available also for one week that week and that (re-done) fragrance ~ Bright Bouquet~  is also not a favorite of mine so I will be passing on that too. 

    I think we tend to get wrapped up in the hoopla of things and purchase items because we think they are rare or we need to have at least one just to say we have it....rather than we need it. 

    Everyone ran to get the Christmas 2012 candle and they were (supposedly) sold out on Black Friday.  I was ill and didn't get to the store to get one.  When I asked that Saturday if there were any I was told they were all gone.  And not even a month later my store had them piled up on a table for sale for $10.00. (so much for one day only, and rare)  I bought three because I loved the apple spruce scent....not because it was dated.

    I did order the Mothers Day Milan VIP tote on the 18th and got that this past Monday so I am not worried about missing out on that purchase with purchase.  The price was great; just $20.00 with a $40.00 purchase...and if your a lover of all things BBW, then there is NO problem finding forty dollars worth of things to meet the requirements.  The bag is worth it.

    I need to make 6-7 Mothers Day gift baskets up so some of those items will come in handy.

    Also coming out for this May 13th time will be the Destinations Home Fragrance Collection.  A few new scents, and a few from last years collection.  And you never know if an old summer-time favorite candle from last year will return.

    Again, I am ready for the Fall Fragrance Collection.  Ha. ha.  When I inquired what was new in Ohio I was told that I was pretty much caught up for now with everything home wise.  The last new thing was the FRESH line of WF bulbs and after that....they are waiting word on the Fall test candles.

    Music to my ears.

    There are possibly a few new things here and there in the next few months....I know there are new Fresh Picked things coming and some True Blue soaps I am anxious for.  Maybe a summertime signature fill in pre- semi annual sale time.... Is anyone else wondering what will be for Halloween?  :)

    The Lakeside line (which some of is available) will have other products coming out,....especially wallflowers in summer themes.  I really want that lighthouse wallflower myself.

    So I guess that is it for now.  I am heading back outside soon to get my yard ready for spring planting....I want to be ready.  Summer is, just around the corner.

    Signature Scents

    • January-- escape to the tropics
    • body lotion, fine fragrance mist, shower gel, triple moisture cream, glowing body scrub, travel sizes.

    1. aruba coconut
    2. bali mango
    3. rio rumberry

    • February- the sweethearts
    • body lotion, fine fragrance mist, shower gel, triple moisture cream, glowing body scrub, travel sizes, shimmer mist, pocketbac (2), lip gloss wand 

    1. daisy dream girl
    2. berry flirt
    3. honey sweetheart

    • March--wild garden
    • body lotion, fine fragrance mist, shower gel, shimmer mist,

    1. wild citrus sunflower
    2. wild berry tulips
    3. wild peach poppy

    • March --fresh picked
    • body lotion, shower gel, hard working hand and body cream, hand cream

    1. apple
    2. first bloom
    3. tangerine
    4. pears
    5. strawberry

    • Men's- White Citrus
    • body spray, body lotion, cologne, 2 in 1 body wash
    Feel the rush of refreshing citrus-lined coasts and fresh waters with this crisp blend of mandarin, white waters and sandalwood

    • preview beautiful day

    • April--

    • Beautiful Day
    • body lotion, fine fragrance mist, shower gel, triple moisture cream, shimmer mist, travel sizes, swirl gel lotion, 2 in 1 super fruit body scrub
    Top Notes: Sun-kissed Apple, Dewy Pear, Sparkling Cassis
    Mid Notes: Wild Daisies, Lily of the Valley, Fresh Pink Peony
    Dry Notes: White Peach, Blonde Woods, Creamy

    • April --fresh picked
    • body lotion, shower gel, hard working hand and body cream, hand cream

    1. apple blossoms
    2. garden herbs
    3. garden mint
    4. garden blossom

    • Bella Italia
    • body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, shimmer mist,  bronzing mousse, and 2-in-1 shower gel body scrub  

    1. rome honeysuckle amore -Our exclusive fragrance takes you on a romantic stroll through the cobblestone streets of Italy's most glamorous city.

    Top: Italian Peach, Blackberry, Green Mandarin
    Mid: Pink Honeysuckle, White Raspberry, Peony
    Dry: Golden Amber, Soft Sandalwood, Cypress Wood
    1. capris Seaside Citrus -Our exclusive fragrance is a sparkling getaway to the blissful, sundrenched beaches of southern Italy

    Top: Mediterranean Grapefruit, Sparkling Bergamot, Juicy Nectarine
    Mid: Muquet, Orange Flower, Coconut
    Dry: Amber Driftwood, Creamy Musk, Whipped Vanilla
    1. venice Dolce Berry -
      Lavishly spray on 'la dolce vita,' the sweet life, and radiate our playful blend of plumberry, frosted magnolia & sandalwood sugar
  • Top Notes: Pink Plumberry, Apple Blossom, White Iris
  • Mid Notes: Venetian Raspberry, Red Apricot, Frosted Magnolia
  • Dry Notes: Blackberry Musk, Sandalwood Sugar, Vanilla Biscotti

      • Coupon: 20% off any purchase 4.26.13

        Thursday, April 25, 2013

        Kringle Candle Company Review: Rosemary wax potpourri melt 4.25.13

        When I finished enjoying the fresh baked bread this morning, I added a piece of the Rosemary melt to it as suggested. 

        Smelling the Rosemary melt cold in the packaging I got the impression of it smelling herb like.  I grow Rosemary and I love that smell....and I find sometimes it is hard to replicate in candles and oils.

        When I broke the piece off of the block immediately I thought it smelled like, Pine Sol to me.  That was my first impression.  I am not a big fan of Pine Sol cleaner and I really don't use it as it gives me a headache.

        This melt was very strong, and in no time that fragrance filtered to the upstairs. 

        When I ordered my 13 melts and day lights today I noticed there were a lot more herb scents that I plan to try.... especially the basil.

        I plan to reburn more of this melt by itself without any other melts to see how I like it.  Right now, it is not one of my favorites.  I will update this blog on my next burn.

        Happy scenting, and much love.

        If you plan on trying one melt or a whole order, be sure to use this code to get them shipped to you for free.

        Free shipping code:   KringleReview63

        RosemaryWax Potpourri MeltIndividual


        Width:2 inches
        Height:1 inches
        Weight:0.08 lbs

        About the Wax Potpourri Melt

        New Kringle Wax Potpourri Melts are very easy to use and ultra-fragrant! Mix pieces of Wax Potpourri Melts from different fragrances to create unique aromatic blends. 
        Step 1. Remove Wax Potpourri cap and pop Melt out of container. Step 2. Break Melt into pieces and place in top bowl of your warmer. Step 3. Light a tea light in base of warmer. The scented wax above will melt and fill the room with fragrance. 

        About our Rosemary fragrance

        Possessing a strong and almost antiseptic sweet pine fragrance, Rosemary is instantly identifiable.

          Wpm sizecomparison

        Buy three sale 4.25.13

        Bath and Body Works is making me a little dizzy this week with the constant changing up of the sales being offered.  More to the point, the buy three get three free.  One day it is, the next it isn't.  Two days pass and it is again.

        Knowing that the store will adjust the sales receipts for a sale within the two week time frame, why would you change out this particular sale almost daily?

        Kringle Candle Company order 4.25.13

        I just placed my first order for these candles & melts and used my free shipping code and saved $5.99.  I am looking forward to getting these and trying them along with the others I have yet to review.  I love being able to buy a Christmas scent in APRIL.

        Wax Potpourri Melt French Lavender
        SKU #0028-001400
        Wax Potpourri Melt Fresh Lilac
        SKU #0028-001500
        Wax Potpourri Melt Gingerbread
        SKU #0028-001800
        Wax Potpourri Melt Kringle Cookie
        SKU #0028-002100
        DayLight Fresh Baked Bread
        SKU #0045-000110
        DayLight Snow-Capped Fraser
        SKU #0045-000101
        Wax Potpourri Melt Balsam Fir
        SKU #0028-000200
        Wax Potpourri Melt Pumpkin Spice
        SKU #0028-002900
        Wax Potpourri Melt Nantucket Rose
        SKU #0028-002500
        Wax Potpourri Melt Hot Chocolate
        SKU #0028-004100
        Wax Potpourri Melt Watermelon
        SKU #0028-009600
        Wax Potpourri Melt Gift of Kings
        SKU #0028-000104
        Wax Potpourri Melt Brownie Cheesecake
        SKU #0028-006100

        Free shipping code:   KringleReview63

        Kringle Candle Company website

        Kringle Candle Company on Facebook

        Kringle Candle Company Review: Fresh Baked Bread melt & burner

        When I was a child growing up, one of my most fondest memories was that of visiting with my grandmother.  Her house was a typical nana house where the chairs seemed to be bigger than me, there seemed to be nic-nacs scattered on every possible surface and the smell of homemade foods filled the air. 

        One of her favorite things to do was to make homemade bread.  Not in any new fangled (as she would call it) gadget....hers were made the old fashioned way....kneading and covering...rising and punching down....  And it didn't matter what she cooked with it; all we wanted was the bread and the stick of butter to rub over it.

        As an adult I find I am reminded often of my grandmother when visiting the bakery or a store with an in house bakery.  You know that scent of fresh baking bread with your eyes closed as it wafts through the store finding you.  It is one of those scents that gets connected to a memory and reminds us of comfort and warmth.

        My review today is for the

        Kringle Candle Company Fresh Baked Bread wax potpourri melt

        Wax Potpourri Melt Individual


        Width:2 inches
        Height:1 inches
        Weight:0.08 lbs

        About the Wax Potpourri Melt

        New Kringle Wax Potpourri Melts are very easy to use and ultra-fragrant! Mix pieces of Wax Potpourri Melts from different fragrances to create unique aromatic blends.

        Step 1. Remove Wax Potpourri cap and pop Melt out of container. Step 2. Break Melt into pieces and place in top bowl of your warmer. Step 3. Light a tea light in base of warmer. The scented wax above will melt and fill the room with fragrance.

        These melts can be used in either a electric candle wax warmer or a tea light warmer.  The Kringle Candle Company provided me with one of their  warmers to try their potpourri melts and I did my test with both their warmer with one of their tea light candles as well as with my Yankee candle electric warmer.

        This warmer is a three piece unit.  A base, screened side panel that snaps into place and the metal bowl at the top.  Blends in beautifully with my décor.  While I am sure the screened in area is safe, I choose to burn anything in another container to avoid accidents.  Also please note, the bowl of the unit gets very hot....(yes of course I touched it )   :)  so I would keep this away from pets and children while in use.


        As you can see in comparison to their tea light candle, the wax potpourri melt is much bigger and is divided for ease in breaking apart and in combining scents.  In a note it was suggested I combine the fresh bread with the rosemary melt also included.  I will write about that next.

        I put one piece in each of the burners and began the test at 8:19am.   In a matter of moments both wax cubes melted.  I added one more piece to each.

        I found the tea light candle burned so perfectly, no flickering.

        The tea light candle is atop of my living room television (2.5 story home) and the electric warmer is in the kitchen on the counter.

        I wanted to see how long it would take to reach the upstairs and how strong it was.

        In less than an hour, the tea light candle had the fragrance all the way up the stairs and to the bedrooms.  The kitchen warmer is not as good.  The scent was in the room but barely.  Definitely not the melts issue as this smelled beautifully cold, and the other warmer is releasing the scent perfectly.

        Last night I made beef stew and my husband stopped off at the bakery to get fresh bread for dinner.  Burning this melt is the exact scent as was released when we opened up that breads paper wrapper.  This scent is not fake smelling, nor plastic like. 

        It is still melting in both units and I will come back and update this blog when the tealight burns out.

        This for me is a definite rebuy.  Currently I don't see it on the site but I will personally buy the daylight candle to see if the scent changes once a wick is used....

        And I think this is a perfect candle to burn when guests are coming for a visit or for dinner.

        Its scent is comforting and natural and isn't that what we want....  Our guests to feel welcomed like we did at our grandmothers?

        Happy Scenting... and much love.

        update:  tea light candle burned exactly 5 hours

        Free shipping code:   KringleReview63

        Kringle Candle Company website

        Kringle Candle Company on Facebook

        Wednesday, April 24, 2013

        Upcoming Kringle Candle reviews 4.24.13

        • Peony 2 wick fragrant crystal pillar 14oz   55 hrs  $24.00

        • Classic apothecary jar citrus and sage 8.5oz   50 hrs  $20.00

        • kringle mesh potpourri warmer chrome $19.99

        • Kringle daylights  1.25oz   12 hr burn  $3.00
        coconut pineapple
        sunflower sunrise
        American apple pie
        soothing cinnamon

        • Kringle wax potpourri melts $3.00
        royal cherries
        petals in water
        fresh baked bread

        • Gentlemens Line wax melt  $3.00
        No. 12

        Kringle Candle Company Review: Peony 2 wick 4.24.13

        To begin reviewing the Kringle Candle Companies candles I feel I must first tell you what was sent to me and how.

        I received a box like you would get any product.

        And when I opened it up I was met with some really great packaging materials.  It is no fun ordering candles or anything glass and finding inside the box....glass shards.  No one wants to call customer service.  We want to get our items in pristine condition and mine arrived perfectly.

        There was the crate material atop of the items, which were surrounded with other crated pieces and plenty of packing peanuts. 

        There was an invoice /packing slip enclosed with all of the items clearly listed as well as a colorful pamphlet to Discover the Kringle Candle Company.

        Did you know that all of the Kringle Candles are handcrafted in the USA in Bernardston, Massachusetts?  I didn't.

        They are also made solely white in color as to blend with all decorating settings.  That is interesting.  As a person who loves candles, I find I am interested in candles with colors that match their names and scents and I incorporate them into my decorating that way.

        I tend to expect to see an orange candle with the name Pumpkin on it.  I suppose another one of those marketing choices I have been given over and over again that has become the norm.

        According to the literature, one of the benefits of white wax is the candles glow more brightly and release the maximum amount of light.  Another benefit is they tend to burn cleaner with no conventional dyes to clog the wick.  An  interesting fact I look forward to seeing for myself.

        Now for a review.

        I received a 2 wick Kringle PEONY scent fragrant crystal pillar candle.  Here is a bit of information about it.

        My candle:



        • Scent cold:  a very soft floral scent. 
        • Scent lit: This candle was very surprising.  I am accustomed to three wick candles and think that you need three wicks to get a great scent throw. I lit this candle and in a matter of a few minutes I could smell it throughout the downstairs.  I burn my jar candles in a tall glass cylinder for safety and that in no way inhibited this candles burn or throw.  In no time, this scent was throughout my entire house upstairs as well as downstairs. It has a strong scent lit.
        • initial burn time: I burned this for two hours total.  I will update this blog each time I burn the candle to get you a total time this lasted as well as how strong it stayed throughout its duration.
        • the wicks burned perfectly straight in the jar and are thin in size.  The wax pooled perfectly as you can see in the pictures. No tunneling occurred during the burn and as the candle cooled when extinguished the wax stayed white in color.
        • labeling/marketing: the label is white, trimmed with a silver and a black border. a pink peony flower and the name in script. The bottom label has simple instructions and a name along with the companies website.  The candle lid is silver metal with a round sticker label.
        • the peony scent is a beautiful spring scent and very reminiscent to the actual flower.  My neighbor grows peonies and I can smell their scent wafting in my kitchen windows when they bloom.  After the candle was extinguished now for 3 hours, I went downstairs and the sweet floral scent is still in the rooms.  And while it was burning and my husband came home and smelled it, he remarked how beautiful the house smelled.  That, alone is saying something since he is not a candle guy.
        • 14 oz.   55 hr
        • rebuy or deny:  I would definitely rebuy this candle.
        If you would like to try this or any other candle, feel free to use code:  KringleReview63 to get free shipping on any dollar amount purchased.
        I am going to try a different candle tonight...and will write it up tomorrow...
        Happy scenting and much love...
        Kringle Candle Company website

        Kringle Candle Company on Facebook

        The Kringle Candle Company 4.24.13

        I Love Fragrance. 

        Who among us doesn't right?  It is part of our daily lives....and one of our greatest senses that we depend on for everything. 

        To reflect the mood of our daily personality in fragrance, to finding comfort within our homes,  we seek out those things that showcase us and appeal to us....scent-tually.

        And walk into any store and you will find products to entice you to try them based on your sense of smell and the marketing chosen.

        I write a lot of blogs and if your reading me you know I speak a lot about marketing.  I want the product to look great on the outside....as well as perform perfectly.  And personally,  I find that I am
        drawn to those that make that extra effort in pleasing their customers. 

        There are numerous companies that make candles....we all know that.  Finding what you love in a candle company is sometimes hit or miss...we know that too.  That's where social media helps. 

        I laugh sometimes when I sit at night and read all of the updates as they come in from the various pages to my home page.  How on earth did we ever get along without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? 

        Sure there are magazines that offer us a glimpse into something a company is going to offer us....but we want the info NOW.  We want to know what our friends are doing, what they are liking and not liking....and we want what they want.  And they speak of their experience.  If a candle has a great smell, they will tell you....and stock up.  And if it is not good...you will know that too.

        So, you find something and give it a try.

        We have our favorites as well.  Those companies that we entrust our hard earned dollars on products that we hope we will love...regardless of past performances.  And we may see other brands and not know too much about them and hesitate to try the unknown.

        Monday I read on the Kringle Candle Companies facebook page that they were looking for bloggers to review some of their products.

        I responded to them and early this morning, my favorite big brown truck surprised me with what I can only say was a very generous offering of products from their candle lines.

        And all I could think was how did I ever miss out on trying this brand?

        Let me begin by saying this.  My reviews and opinions will be done honestly as they always are.  They will not be based on having received these products as a gift. 

        Granted, my liking a certain scent over another is based on what my personal likes and dislikes are and of course what I may love...another may not.

        I will always share as much information I can about a product so you too can make an informed decision if you want to try it.

        Should you want to try it for yourself, feel free to use this code   KringleReview63  to get free shipping for your online order.  I know just with cold smelling a few of these I am going to be placing an order. 

        I have already been trying out a few products and I will be writing out my thoughts and findings in the next few blogs.

        Below is a quick peek at some of their products....

        Happy scenting....and much love.


        Kringle Candle Company website

        Kringle Candle Company on Facebook