Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Aloha Hawaii | Wallflowers, cosmetic bag, Pocketbac, Large sprays

February 26, 2014
A Few more new items coming in the Aloha Hawaii floor set March 9th.  Having the actual pictures helps me make a list of the new things I want to get, I hope its helpful for others too. My list is getting LONG.....
And on another subject.  There will be a signature PREVIEW {mini eau de Parfum } for the Lavender and Honey scent coming in store at the end of March.  I am not sure when the preview launches...yet.
There is signage for both a $4.00 price and a $5.00 price so depending on what is decided...I know I am one happy camper.
There are other goodies tote wise coming so get your lists ready to shop, Shop,  SHOP!
Here is todays New:
$14.50 trio cosmetic bag set
$9.50 Large Room Sprays

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