Sunday, February 23, 2014

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February 23, 2014
A few months ago a friend from the store and I were talking candles and I was talking about my collection of tarts from Yankee candle as well as the samplers. I think different types of wax have their own applications and I love having a diverse collection to use as my mood changes.
 Every time they would go on sale, I would grab a few of the new Yankee scents and tuck them in the organizer boxes until I use them, in between my burning 3 wicks. 
Also in the boxes are my wax melts collection from Bath and Body Works from years ago and when I organized the others I was reminded of still having those.
Priced at $1.50 each, the scent throw on those was and still is incredible. Then one day I went in to grab a few more and I found out that they were I stocked up on all they had on clearance for 37 cents. Why they were done was beyond me because they worked and scented perfectly.
And I thought that would be the end of wax melts from Bath and Body Works. 
People would comment all of the time on the Face Book page to bring wax melts back and nothing was done.  So while I was having this conversation of all things candles...something was mentioned...yet not completely. 
I hear things all of the time, and most always, they come to be and are spot on.  Yet hearing that there may be a redo of wax melts...I thought about it...and then let it go.
Tonight I was checking out Instagram and found a post from inside a Bath and Body Works test store where melts were shown.
Yet no information from them was given, what it was all about.
Here is some of what I know.
These released a bit early.  They were suppose to come out with the Hawaii release.  And no, They are not going to be all of Bath and Body Works scents yet. 
They are testing to see if there is a market for wax melts once more. It's a test of the cube...not of a scent....
This way they can use their coupons, their marketing and track the sales in real time.
 And rather than spend millions of dollars on acquiring containers to pour them into....{ above picture was the old style, the new is the six cube format} pay for marketing and get a company to pour for them, they are checking to see what we as consumers think first, by our purchases.
Flameless fragrance is  the new "in" thing.  Bath and Body Works is mindful of the trends and is keeping pace with what we as consumers want.  Fragrance done safely.
Now its up to us to show them we do.

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