Saturday, February 1, 2014

Victorias' Secret | Forbidden Fragrance | 75 % off clearance finds

February 1, 2014
I went into Vickies with the sole intention of getting the free lace thong with the coupon that they sent to me a week ago.  Nothing more.  I cleaned one of my closets to organize it and I certainly don't need more fragrances...but as they say, when in Rome.  So I browsed after I picked out my lilac colored panty.
There was a new display out for their Valentine fragrance FORBIDDEN and I misted my hand with the scent as I wandered around the clearance tables.  75% off now they had some really cute things in both Beauty and Fragrance.  I loved the little purses filled with two different varieties of Bombshell and for the price of under $10.00 for three products and the bag,  I couldn't resist.  These are perfect for spring and summer and will tuck into a tote bag if necessary.
They had some organizers as well and for $6.00 it was also in my hand. 

As I wandered I could not stop smelling my freshly fragranced hand loving the new scent.  The manager saw me and welcomed me saying she figured it wouldn't be long before I tried the new scent as I am always in for the new.  She said she smells more of the pear on her but thought it smelled great on  me.  I couldn't agree more.
At first thought, I thought  it was Forever
reds little sister....then it hit me.... Velvet sugar....only BETTER. I am still raising my wrist up to smell it.  The bottles on the table were priced at $25.00 for the mist and the perfumes were a bit pricier.  She told me about the sale if you buy a perfume you get the lotion tube free....and then I noticed the rollerballs.  Priced at $18.00 each I told her I would be waiting for a better price and she told me she would match the internet price for me.  So I snagged two of them for $10.00.
When I looked at the notes online it gives two different trios.  One states there is wild blackberry and the other states jasmine.  Whatever is in this is beautiful, and sensual and most definitely forbidden.  I recommend you go to the store and give the mist a try....while there are still rollerballs for $10.00 left.

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