Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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February 4, 2014
I stopped in my local Rite-Aid pharmacy today to grab more Salonpas muscle ache medicine as we are in for a nor'easter tonight and yesterdays winter storm Maximus did me in.  The cosmetics in this store are strategically placed right in the front by the doors so you must pass them in order to get to everything and I couldn't help but stop at the end cap makeup displays.
The Physicians Formula brand had the entire end cap filled with different products and I grabbed three of them to try:
New Sexy Booster va Va Voom Volume Mascara
New Organic Wear light CC Cream spf 20
New Youth Wear spotless foundation and brush spf 15
I am going to write about the Mascara first.
New Sexy Booster va Va Voom Volume Mascara
The tube is a beautiful shiny red color with raised black scroll flocking and a red ribbon.  A little black bow holds a silver heel charm adding to the sexy look.  It is beautiful and what caught my attention during this pre-Valentines Day shopping when everything for sale on end caps is red.
It is priced at $9.95  and it does have a try me free rebate form attached.  (the entire Physicians formula display of products had money saving coupons attached)
Now for the product.  WOW
and yes, va va va voom.  When I opened it up to try it...it didn't smell strong which was the first thing I looked for.  I have been using makeup since I was a teenager and I remember all mascaras have some sort of strong scent.  Maybe its just me and I am sensitive to it, I don't know, but this product gets points for not being smelly....but rather yummy scented.
After I applied only one coat and saw my lashes NOT CLUMP nor look drowned in fake black color I had to touch them.  They are soft and natural looking and very long.  There are no little flakes of color sticking out from my lashes or falling onto my cheek.
I love this product.
It is the first really natural looking mascara with one coat only that I have tried lately that impressed me.
Then, I read the box.
Hypoallergenic, paraben free, gluten free, dermatologist approved and safe for sensitive eyes and contact wearers.
24 hour wear, and it is infused with a warm vanilla scent.
 I find I keep looking in the mirror watching for that inevitable cheek of black flecks and checking to see if they are still soft to the touch.
Sure, it is not an expensive high end mascara, it just performs like one.  I will be getting another tube of this for sure.

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