Monday, February 17, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Fresh Picked Floor set | New handsoap formula Release

February 17, 2014
Here we are the day of the new floorset and lots of confusion at my stores. yesterday I went in to see what was new and out or coming out and I was told I can see things, I just couldn't buy them.  Not what hubby wanted to hear after three days of me being inside and dealing with snow storm after snow storm and finally getting me out.  I mean what is 24 hours really?  The items are there on a cart but I must I wait.
I grabbed a few things in the store {posted yesterday} and waited for today. 
I was told in the store from the assistant manager that today the Hawaii line will be set.  When I asked if it was everything she told me yes.  She said the signatures.  Later another sa asked did I try the new soap formula that they are on the sink and I mentioned that I had and I was looking forward to getting a few of the Hawaii scents.  She said tomorrow they all will be out.
So with the pocketbacs out, the hand cream and soaps coming, the signatures being mentioned that they were coming, all that would be left was the candles.
This morning, I called customer service and I was told that only the hand soaps released.  I mentioned what I was told in the store about Hawaii and she said no.  I mentioned that I thought there may be preview lotions and she said there are none.  Which would make some sense as the insiders were getting the trio to try and review. We got the email to sign up for it last week.  Why put out trio Oahu signatures for your insiders to share and pump up the excitement...{and we didn't get them yet} and then two days later release the sampler lotions trio of scents for everyone?
Is that right thinking?  I mean, they want us to review and share and drive excitement...and then they preempted us so who will want to know what we think when they are already using it.
Okay so the CS lady said no previews.  I hang up.  And I am thinking about what soaps I want...and I think about the sleeves.  So I call one of my favorite stores and ask will they have the sleeves and what did they put out and I was told....lotion previews  3 for $6.00.
So I call my local store and I was told no we had the previews out and we pulled them back because the manager found an email yesterday not to put them out.  Um....the other store has them...and I was told yes I know she called me and I told her to pull them back. previews.  Then I was told, if  you want them, we can sell you one.  No thanks, I will wait until they are suppose to be out and no one gets in trouble over Hawaii lotions.  geesh
But they did have a few new sleeves in and CS told me I can return one or a hundred sleeves to fit the new bottles as part of the happiness guarantee.  I exchanged only three...brand new holders....for brand new holders. 
I love the holiday patterns and fall...and even that black Halloween sleeve I have so I will keep them for now.  I have a lot of soap to go through and have a few new in case I need them. So I am good.
Now let me mention the soap.  As I was told and I shared last week pre floor set...all of the other soaps are gone.  Still online yes, but totally gone in store.  A woman came in and asked for the sweet shop soaps and was told by a SA oh they are all sold out....but we have these new scents here.  And she told the girl I wanted the scents from that line and then the SA told her come back in June for the SAS and they will be back.
Um...that's what makes me crazy.  Tell the truth.  Tell her we launched the new and the old formula was taken and saved for SAS. Don't tell her in one breath they are sold out and then in the next come back in June.
Personally, if a new anything is coming why not drop the price and blow them out???.  So now we will have to either buy those online...or wait until SAS when they are all jumbled into bins and getting sticky from everyone ripping at them.
Sweet Shop.  I have waited for the gift bags BBW posted pics of and the White ceramic pedestals for the large candles foreverrrrrrrrrr....I checked all the time and no no no is what I was told. Last Wednesday pre storm here I was there right before they closed because of it and there were no stands...then I went in yesterday and I was told oh yes we had them and they are sold out.  Ya, like the sweet shop soap I bet wink wink...I asked her when because I was checking all the time and was told recently.  Um...okay.  Three snowstorms...three days... stores closing... ok. 
Now in my stores, sweet shop is a small round table with a cookie jar on it, a few kitchen towels, a handful of mini candles and a few mason jars.  That's it.  My store said they never even got the full line of products in. It was so cute while it lasted.
Everything is Fresh Picked but sort of low key.  The small table out in the front of the store was featuring the Strawberry scent items and the SA mentioned to me there is a new lip balm product or two.  Sadly, they mimic the exact hard working hand cream ingredients that made me have an allergic reaction in store last year so I pass.  An itchy red rash up your arm when you rubbed lotion is one thing... swollen thanks.  I'm good.
I grabbed seven bottles of the new soaps, my three exchanged new two new rooster wallflowers....{only because I got the roosters last year... love them... and they are exactly the same, just with a blue paint to give these a patina look.} and the new large mason jar luminary.  The other new wallflowers out were the lady bug, a silver wicker look barrel shaped and the bunch of strawberries.  Online has a bunch of white flowers but maybe that is for online alone or it will come to stores or its for Hawaii.  Who... knows.
The large luminary mason jar is priced at $29.50 and that is a lot for a piece of glass...I know it.  But with my mystery coupon I got all of that I listed above for $40.00 so I made an exception. You can add a pocketbac holder for 50 cents and get that for 30.00, use a survey and bring it down to $20.00.  What I loved about it was the color.  Perfect for now on my table for Spring and perfect for Fall too.  There are matching mini candle holder mason jars coming out as I write and they are $10.50 so I will be using my free item coupon for those at another purchase.
So that was today...and tomorrow...another storm is bringing me 3-5 more inches of snow.
Fed Ex, UPS are both not delivering stating adverse weather conditions.  Today it was blue skies and no snow.  Tomorrow will be much worse. 

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