Sunday, February 2, 2014

Michaels Craft Store | Sweet Shop | Ceramics

February 2, 2014
On a quick trip to Michaels craft store today I noticed in the aisle across from the kids crafts a wall of paint it yourself wood and ceramic things. 
Since I have been thinking so much about the theme Sweet Shop with Bath and Body Works newest floor set today my radar was on as I walked down the aisle and saw these cute little projects...Minus the gnomes... I just included them because they are adorable.
Having done ceramics all of my life...from the pouring of the slip into molds to the actual firing glaze or painting them I can say these don't feel like traditional ceramics. But they are cute and can be painted and sprayed with clear paint to seal them.   Don't use that cake plate for food.
But I did buy a cake plate with the scalloped edge to add to my glazed plate and two of the icecream sundaes for decoration.
The prices are on the shelves for each item and they are currently not on sale but I used my 40% off coupon.  I didn't get the cake slice but it too was cute and if painted right and placed on a nice flat dish with a paper doily for décor.

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