Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#BBWINSIDERS | Oahu Signature Trio | Bath & Body Works Review | Spring 2014

February 26, 2014
Winter is in full swing here in Pennsylvania and it is currently snowing again. Days trapped inside trying to stay warm while everything outside turns a beautiful shade of white makes me wish for something warm and sun filled. Spring is merely 22 days away.....
Yesterday, UPS brought me my #bbwinsiders box and last night when I was finished with my day I opened it up and checked everything out.
As I opened the outer box, I was greeted with this beautiful gingham signature patterned gift box secured with a silver elastic bow.  Inside this box beneath the same signature gingham tissue paper was a trio of full sized signature products.  A very generous size product to review. Many thanks to Bath and Body Works for this opportunity.
Now to the review:
This time, Bath and Body Works sent us their Signature Trio of products in their upcoming scent,
OAHU Coconut Sunset 
 which is part of the Aloha, Hawaii Trio Collection. And from what I just read quickly, this new trio of scents collection will surely get rid of those winter blues with some refreshing blends of tropical notes.
Oahu Coconut Sunset is described as a sexy blend of coconut blossoms and exotic tiger lily warmed by molten amber.
I first tried the Shea and Vitamin E Shower gel last night. The scent was not overpowering at all and I found it to be a warm scent.  Not a wake you up kind of fragrance, this scent let me know it was there and nothing more.
I followed up with the Shea and Vitamin E body lotion. I really love the way my skin feels after its applied as this formulation is a much richer feel.  And I love the way this scent melts into you and gives a soft presence.  On me, it's not a "here I am" overpowering kind of  fragrance. Japanese Cherry Blossom is a overpowering kind of fragrance.
This is subtle and is exactly what I like in a scent.  Because I was going to sleep, I waited to try the Fine Fragrance mist this morning.
I started again with a layer of the body lotion; winter time indoors with the heat on does dry out your skin and this lotion does help.
And afterward I misted the FFM.  I keep smelling it on me to see if it will be one of those scents that turn badly with my body chemistry and it did not. Yay!   It is really pretty. 
I am not smelling in Suntan lotion coconuts that everyone smells like in the summer time.... As I thought it may end up being.
 This reminds me of the richness of Amber Blush for some reason. It is warm and I think perfect for any time of year, not only summertime as the names would imply.
I will get the other two fragrances in this line,
MAUI hibiscus beach and HAWAII passionfruit kiss
 and review how they are and how they compare to this OAHU.
I would definitely recommend trying this beautiful scent.
I know the Travel Sized products (at least the lotions)  are out currently in the stores for this line, Regularly priced at $5.00 each currently on special 3 for $12.00 .  {today there is a one day only sale 3/$6.00 on travel items so check out your store to see if these are included}
Disclaimer: the items sent to me to review from bath and body works are done so free of charge.  that in no way influences my thoughts regarding these products and my reviews are done honestly as my own opinions of said products.  I appreciate the generosity of bath and body works with this #bbwinsiders program but please note, that will not influence my opinions.

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