Sunday, February 9, 2014

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February 9, 2014
The snow plows are going up my streets now finally after an afternoon of Winter Storm Orion visiting and making his mark, ugh.... and I am sitting here listening to them make noise up and down our quiet streets while checking out some candles after I finished up with all of my Valentines.
I have been going over all of the new that we will be seeing in the next few months, looking forward to these next few lines of both Home Fragrances and new Signature scents.  I do love the marketing for the new and hope the scents themselves are incredible.  Not that I need another thing...of course... but who can resist?  I swear there are pheromones added to lure you in... ;)
I did post more pictures of the Fresh Lavender and Honey today, just a few ...nothing to get excited over .  I soo want to share it all, and of course go shopping in it. Plus I wanted to add a few more Destinations Candles I saw that had come out that I didn't get a chance yet to review...Not sure how I missed these. It would have been awesome to get the entire line that tested out into stores for us to pick and choose what we loved rather than just a few they thought we would like. 
That's the one thing that bugs me is scents test in certain areas and the access to them is slim for most of us.  Then they dump {what they already expected to dump} because the names weren't included on lists that were printed....then those good candles end up on a clearance bin and sold on the secondary market for crazy prices.
Anyway, here is my picture with the test scents originally....and we all know most didn't make the cut.
Here are a few others not included:
Magnificent Milan
Passion and Italian Fashion
*Follow the fashionistas to Italy's most stylish city with a well designed blend of sage, musk, and a hint of lavender. Make the Streets your runway!
Café Italia
Old World Espresso
*Immerse yourself in Italy's coffee culture with an impressive blend of rich Italian roasted coffee beans, and the perfect dash of Vanilla Cream. Crazie' for Espresso!!!
I am sure the Café Italia is probably the same espresso scents that have changed names a few times but the label is pretty. As is the Milan....perfect for a kitchen!  Hint Hint BBW.  :)

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