Monday, February 3, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Snowy Day Sweet Shop release | and tag, your it!

February 3, 2014
There is a difference between one inch and six....snow storm wise that is.  So when you get up at six in the morning to take care of some appointments, that is really what your expecting... one inch...because that is what you were told you were getting.  And when they said the "storm would be over early" don't expect to still see it in the dark.  And we are in for more here on Wednesday and Saturday.  I know, I know...don't live in Pennsylvania if you don't like four seasons and one of them being,....snow. Yes, snow has become a season here.
So I went to my morning doctor appointment and got that yearly out of the way while my husband got his MRI on his knee.  Two things checked off of our the flakes fell.
We grabbed breakfast at McDonalds and then headed to the mall  to see if they were open and if the floor set was done for Sweet Shop.  Bath and Body Works was indeed open and I was the only customer.  Most of the other stores in the district were closing due to bad weather and this one would most likely be joining them but I got to go see so I was happy. (everything that I needed to do this morning was in the same area).

Out in the front of the store was the Mad About You display and on it was the entire line, minus the Whipped Body Shimmer Cream.  All of the Whipped creams are on back order I was told, but this store did have the shimmer body polish in that scent.  A pass, sadly, for me.
The next table off to the left side was a display of Forever Red and the manager showed me that today there is a sale on that bottle of EDP.  Buy it at regular price and get both the shower gel and body lotion free.   One of the many offers for Valentines Day shopping. 

Directly behind that table was another fantastic sale, All EDP were $20.00.  I never got my Velvet Sugar I wanted and this was the perfect time to do so.  The table looked so pretty with all of the tester bottles out to be seen and the boxes of EDP all bagged with ribbons on them.
The Sweet Shop table in the center directly behind the Mad About You was adorable.  But the manager stated not all of the merchandise came in for it.  And scattered about were other tables of candles and soap products all looking cute and adorable too.  I own most of it already so there wasn't more I wanted...other than a candle sale.
Now if you read me you know I mentioned briefly there is a one day sale happening to only 13 stores nationwide on three wicks.  If your store was lucky enough to have that sale...great for you.  While I had the store numbers, it was not something I could share as it was a test to see how they are doing on their own since phone orders do not apply.  My sharing that there is a sale was merely to get you to go to your store and check it out or call.
I had to find something else to add to my sale so I grabbed a mason jar candle from the sweet shop line.  My stores manager said they weren't on sale but I did see someone posted a floor set picture and there was a sign in theirs that they were on sale so I will check it out and if need be, get my slip adjusted with a second candle purchase.
Shopping complete I went to the last appointment of getting the car inspected and we made our way home through the treacherous snow.  Four wheel drive cars were spinning out in front of us as we made our way around and I was glad to be warm and inside again.
But that didn't last long and I had to go out to the garage and get the snow blower beast and clean up the mess somewhat.
Boring I know...but I was almost killed so I thought I would mention it here.  Our city changed the way they plow the snow and now has alternate side parking so the plows can go up in tandem as close to the side walk as they can.  What that was suppose to do was one day of the snow storm they clear that....and everyone was suppose to move their cars back to the clear side and then they would go up that side.  Lack of funds for the city budget makes it lucky we even get the one side done.
So these street workers in their....I don't know what.... push the snow around at high rates of speed for a big truck with a big blade....and the faster they go, the further up the sidewalk the snow flies. Years ago, everyone shoveled out their cars and sidewalks no problem.
Many times I have cleared the walk only to watch them come up and plow it all back deep again with heavier snow.
So I get the Beast and I clear my entire side walk....up to the corner and down to the other.  All elderly here so why not right.  The guy at the corner just finished his area so he was waving to me as I finished pushing this beast....(power steering my patookie my back is aching) and while hubby was clearing off the front steps I could barely hear over the beasts motor.  Two plows in tandem came up my street....and because there were cars parked on the lower block, they cut into my block with me standing on my sidewalk....hubby at front steps  and the neighbor up on his porch and the first one went inches....away from both me and my blower covering us both in snow while the second one came closer that I felt its wind.  I was on the sidewalk....not the road.  I blew the snow into our front yards...not the road, so they had no reason to be at my sidewalks edge that close to me.
Their reckless driving....because there were cars parked on the side so they went back to the middle again....could have killed me.  This isn't a couple of good ole boys and a pick up truck with a plow attachment.  These are huge plows and there is no way they did not see me.
My husband was terribly upset screaming not at the fact they covered the sidewalks to the fence again moments after I cleared everything but that he saw how close they were and I never heard him yell to run.
I am good...and fine...{except my back hip aches a bit  haha} and I did finish up and come in and call the streets department and talk to them about this.  He asked me...was he speeding... um, yes.  But that's not the biggest issue. They are not out there to plow our sidewalks....I was on the sidewalk...and he tagged me....with the snow.  And almost the blade.  I guess it was my turn to go in the ring?  Haha
Okay enough about snow.
I did get a package from Bath and Body Works with another four pack of holiday soap, a free American boardwalk candle...a free lemon soap  and the free Japanese cherry blossom shower gel.
I know... most people wanted the free Eucalyptus Mint candle (so they can return them *shakes my head) and may not have wanted the shower gel but it too came with a coupon with codes for:
$5.00 body lotions, $8.00 FFM and a 20% off with $1.00 shipping.
The dates are long so I hope to use it on the new Hawaiian and Lavender items coming. Thanks to Bath and Body Works for again adding something extra and special into my package.
I will get photos tomorrow and post them.

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