Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Ski Lodge Line | "prestige" test scent candle line | January 2014

February 18, 2014

Way, way ...way back I mentioned that there was a line of candles out being tested that were a bit pricey and I suppose considered a bit more lux compared to
 Bath and Body Works standard three wick candles. 
They were called the Ski Lodge line and there were five candles in this particular grouping.  They came in fold down wood grained look style
 boxes and each colored glass jar had a metal ring around the top with white wax and three wicks. These aren't your floraly girly kind of candles for sure.  I imagine a clean without clutter mans apartment feel, or a den with large overstuffed leather furniture.
They were priced at $30.00 a candle and regardless of my willingness to pay that, no test store that had them would sell them to me.  Customer Service new "store" ordering were never getting them so unless  you lived near a test store that has them, had a friend who was your secret shopper, or shopped the secondary market of Ebay and Amazon...you were not getting them.
Isn't that silly?  I mean people did want to try them so why limit them?  They had to know that they were price prohibitive for most so they thought they would put them in a few stores and in the end when very few sold for that price...or then the sale prices...the outlets would get them.  Get them and sell them off at 75% off...for Ebay people to resell to those of us who wanted them.  Yep, it makes no sense to me either.
Now let me tell you about these.  On cold sniff, they are all interesting and I look forward to burning them.  I like the colored glass, and the metal ring....but because mine were in transit for a week due to winter storms, I noticed one of the rings is loose and coming off.
Ski Den {leather and tobacco}
experience a relaxing blend of fine leather, sweet tobacco and a beguiling not of caramel that conjures up après-ski bliss.
Amber colored glass jar- I like this candle.  while the scent is not a strong overpowering one on cold sniff, its tobacco scent is prevalent and reminds me of my fathers pipe smoking as a child.  it is a manly candle as I expect all of these to be.
Great Room {fireside pine}
make this blend of elegant pinewood, vetiver, and pepper the focal point of your own great room.
Grey smoked colored glass jar- Wow. this is one sexy scent. like a great smelling mans cologne, I love the earthiness of this scent.  not smokey as you may think a fireside name would evoke. wow...did I mention sexy? *fans myself.... haha
Mountainside Suite {cashmere sandalwood}
a luxurious room with sweeping views of snowcapped peaks comes to life in notes of refined vanilla, sandalwood, and opulent musk.
Frosted white glass jar- another incredible scent. warm and rich I smell each of the notes mentioned and I am not a big fan of sandalwood but all of these work well together.
Winter Terrace {alpine spruce air}
notes of forest air, rich birchwood and fir balsam capture the beauty of spending evenings on a mountain lodge terrace.
Blue glass jar- first thoughts? Winter
 as soon as I opened the box all of my candles came in, I smelled this and knew it smelled like the Winter candle but with a bit...a teeny bit of woodsy.  Love it and the color of the glass.
Wine Cellar {mulled wine and spice}
let piquant notes of red fruit, Indonesian patchouli and precious saffron transform a room into an elegant entertaining space.
Red glass jar-  definitely patchouli and perhaps its because I am not a great fan of that scent that this blend seems odd to me...I am not sure. I don't find it wine like at all.
I was fortunate to get these at a decent price and for the most part, I would rebuy all...maybe not the wine cellar.  I will know better after I burn it.  I love that Bath
and Body Works does not limit the look and feel and scent of their candle lines and they are always coming out with something new. Keep going with that thought.  But also, offer them to stores everywhere not just the huge high volume test store areas.  We little volume store shoppers love new too!

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