Monday, February 24, 2014

Blogging | Simplified

February 24, 2014
Let me begin this blog by saying I have the greatest group of viewers any person could ever ask for.  You come and read my ramblings and interact with me both by commenting here as well as commenting on my Face Book page and for that...I thank you.
But you also are honest with me and that is what is even more important to me. I want everyone to have a say and tell me what they think about something I may have written or done.  How else will I learn what motivates you to read I am sharing what motivates me.
So I do surround myself with great people.  And close girl friends who also me and report back what's good and bad.
 Writing is simple.  Making it easy to read....ah, that's the tricky part.
There are literally millions of pages out there at any given time for anyone to stop over and read something so we as bloggers...or writers of "da stuff"...
.we must share what we want in a way that's easy for our viewers but yet fresh too.
I've said it before BlogSpot really rocks.  You type your words and voila, they do the work for you.
  Having your own page you need to figure out the what goes where stuff.  And sometimes it's a hit and sometimes its a miss.
When my brother started out designing my page I wrote that while we have the basic tech part, we needed to find what worked for me as in aesthetics.  And we have tried a few of the different widgets that are a part of the programming to see what we liked as far as a look was concerned.
Last year at holiday time, he thought it would be great to follow the trend and have a two page blog layout.  Well, yes its great but the problem came in when people didn't know how to get to the blog page.
When they typed it brought them to a front page with pictures and information, yet not clear enough to navigate through. Sure we can bookmark the blogs but that's not how it should be.
I talked with him about it...knowing that I know where everything is but those coming in new...and from other countries...have been telling me it needs to be easier. Agreed.  I never take that personal...I see it everyday and for me to know something doesn't work...someone needs to tell me.
Time being a factor with busy work days, it was something that kept getting put off.
Until recently.  He had time and I had time and we closed off the two page blog layout and went simply with a regular front page.
You come to the page and my most recent writings are there at your fingertips to read.
If you are looking to see what else I may have written,  you can either check out the scrolling feature and click on there to see a specific category, or use the drop down MY BLOG button and check them out there.
I know the majority of views come from Bath and Body Works blogs....So in the featured scroll, I have all of the BBW links set up so you can check out blogs according to time.  Spring 2014, Holiday 2013, etc.
I know on BlogSpot I had the tabs at the top making things divided out by category.  Here, because this blog has so much to offer, yet limited tab space in the design, we chose to showcase the ones that are shown.  We will probably change out a few in time, perhaps making the Community tab Bath and Body Works since that is so popular.
But keep in mind, while I have been blogging for years and years using premade templates on other sites, this blog is only 9 months old.  And like any 9 month old...we are still cutting our teeth in we share.
Thank you for being patient...and kind and sometimes critical as well.  I hope this one page layout is a little better experience for you.
Hugs....Peace and Love.... Tess



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