Monday, February 24, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Wax Melts | Test Store info

February 24, 2014
I  just got done speaking with a wonderful Sales Associate in the Tuttle Crossings Mall Bath and Body Works store in Dublin Ohio and my assessment of what I was told some time ago and wrote about last night....was correct regarding the new appearance of the Wax Warmers and Wax Melts by Tuscany.
She told me that the company is getting a feel for what customers are looking for wax melt wise and told me that the wax melts are ...beautiful scents and welcomed me to come try them out. 
So for those going into that mall and shopping at that store I would suggest trying out a wax warmer and a melt (hopefully the warmers are higher power of at least 18watts) and that will send the message to Bath and Body Works that we seriously want melts back. 
That being said....I think the future wax forms from them is going to end up being, 3 wicks, minis and melts. I think the mason jars filled a void that the 4oz candles were missing and they fit perfect with the fresh picked themes but we may be losing them eventually too.
  I'm not saying this IS what's going to happen as a matter of fact...I am saying from my viewpoint...I can see that is where we are going to end up.
I would love having wax melts as test scents prior to the release of the three wicks.  Why not?  Prior to the release of a new line, fill the stores...all stores, with blocks of six cube wax melts.... of what is coming.  No wick issues or bad burns to cloud up what we want.
Then we as customers can decide what fragrances we love and you can tell what will be great sales. Before I invest in buying a large candle from Yankee Candle and other brands, I start with a melt and a sampler.  If its a scent I love...I will invest in a larger jar.  If I don't, I didn't waste my time nor money....and I won't feel stuck with something or want to return it.
I love the wax disks from years ago that I still have...and it is time to bring back the fragrance, melt style.

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