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US Postal Service | Valentines Day| Special city cancellations | 2014

February 19, 2014
This year the USPS offered a few special things to make your Valentines Day card even more special. One was the new cut heart postage stamp...and who doesn't love a heart stamp...and the other was a special cancellation mark from different cities around the states.
Linked here...and posted below.
So I grabbed a dozen or so valentines and sent them in a priority mail envelope to the postmaster in the Hartsville, Tn area for my friends.  I thought that was the cutest sounding name.
But then I got to thinking, I have a Valentine here for my husband for exchanging, but why not send him one from Hartsville too.  So I included one for him as well.
Then I addressed a few Note Cards back to us here, and mailed them to a few of the other states to get an idea of what their postmarks were as well.  Some to me and some for hubby. It all would have worked perfectly had we not been hit with three snow storms that caused mail delivery delays but so far I heard from almost everyone that they got their cards from Hartsville yesterday...and they loved them.
So where were ours?  I called my local post office today because I have been noticing that we don't get mail everyday anymore and when it does come we are getting different mail people and we are getting our mail later and later in the day.  They are suppose to be done by 4pm and back at the post office to check out but we have received mail as late as 6:30pm.  I wanted to assure them at the PO that our sidewalk is clear and open and the man told me they are working understaffed and sometimes 12 hour days.  I told him I appreciate all of their hard work and I couldn't understand what changed suddenly and wanted to be sure it wasn't an issue with us.  He told me our regular man now assigned is on restricted duty so he can only work 8 hours and no more. 
Um...and?  So apparently sometimes he doesn't get to our street by the time he is to clock others try and fill in.
I wanted to ask ...what happened to the ---no matter rain nor snow nor dead of night... but I didn't.  I understand the bad weather, understaffing and injury.... But a girl wants her Valentines!!!
At 11:45am a mailman came up onto our porch and stuffed a ton of mail inside. Hubby was going to say hello but he gave him a look and crossed the street. Apparently....someone got a call.
And I got my Valentines.
Here are six of the eight happy named postmarks I chose.  I had no interest in the other two cities for not so happy valentines....
Want to add an extra “I love you” to that special Valentine’s Day greeting card this year?
It’s simple with a customized postmark courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service®.
Address the card to the special someone in your life and affix a First-Class Mail® postage stamp.
We recommend the Cut Paper Heart Forever® stamp, the latest stamp in the Love series.
Put your stamped and addressed card into a larger envelope. Add the right amount of postage to the larger envelope and address it to:
Valentine’s Day Postmark
Then add any of the locations listed below to receive that town’s Valentine’s Day postmark:
368 Blohm Ave, Aromas CA 95004-9998
7815 Beauty Rd, Beauty KY 41203-9998
6664 Route 362, Bliss NY 14024-9998
200 W Main St, Hartsville TN 37074-9998
446 E 29th St, Loveland CO 80538-9998
P O Box 9998, Lovely KY 41231-9998
1 Leacock Rd, Paradise PA 17562-9998
239 N Hall St, Valentine NE 69201-9998
There is a special joint postmark between Juliette, Georgia, and Romeo, Michigan. Requests for this postmark can be sent to: Romeo and Juliette Valentine Cancellation, Postmaster, at 356 Bowdoin Rd, Juliette GA 31046-9998, or 119 Church St, Romeo MI 48065-9998.
For those feeling less in love this Valentine’s Day, USPS® has a way for you to express your intentions as well. Follow the instructions above and send greetings to the locations below to receive that town’s postmark:
1701 El Nido, Diablo CA 94528-9998
101 S Edwards St, Independence CA 93526-9998
In order to make sure the greeting cards receive the special postmark and are delivered in time for Valentine’s Day, requests should be sent to the cities above by Feb. 5.
There is no charge for fewer than 50 requested postmarks. For more than 50, you will be charged five cents per postmark.

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