Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bath & Body Works | My Soap Collection as of today | and bottle shapes

February 18, 2014
With Bath and Body Works new soap formula release just happening yesterday, this morning I took my newest purchases to the shelves that I keep my collection on to put them away. I knew I had a few...okay I have a lot and truth be told...I am not concerned with it.
While there are plenty, this collection pales in comparison to my pocketbac collection and if the worst thing I do in my life is buy hand soap to wash my hands then I am doing pretty good.
I kept the one bottle of twisted peppermint soap still sealed as a reference to bottle design changes and I think this newest change is only the third I have on my shelf.
So yes, I have currently on the shelf, not counting the three being used on the sinks...and any I may have missed, I have 219 bottles of soap.


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