Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bath & Body Works | Michaels Spring Paper Boxes

April 27, 2013

My beautiful Saturday morning was spent watching two tree trimmers cutting down my favorite willow tree.  It amazes me how quick it took to down this tree, and how agile they were on the highest of branches. Willow tree branches are very pliable and bend easily and while I had to look away a few times, these guys were so professional.  I took a lot of pictures of the process (and cried over it earlier in the week) and I will post those later.

Afterwards I did a few of them being Bath and Body Works and the other was Michaels craft store. 

Tonight the World Gardens floorset  happens, finally so there may be a few new items out that weren't on the site this week.  I am hoping to see it tomorrow, and remember Aloha Hawaii will most likely still be out front.
My purchases yesterday are below.  And yes, I love that Sundrenched Vineyard oil, I bought all they had.  And there is the new Robot pocketbac finally.  Some stores had it out early while others held it for the new floor set. Priced at $7.50 he lights up and blinks.
After groceries, and a trip to Lowes, I went into Michaels to check out some geranium flowers for my front porch. In wandering around I saw the signage on the spring paper boxes making them 50% off, so I grabbed a few. 
Today they are on sale 40% off.  I love using these for gifts and then for storage and with Mothers Day a few weeks away, I just wanted to share how pretty they are.
The impulse aisle on the way to the checkout was filled with extras like note cards, papers, pens, candles and more to add to the box. These were sale priced at $5.00 and are large in size. Even if you don't fill them with Bath and Body Works items, you can add stationary supplies, craft supplies, scrapbooking items, gardening items...and more.  I would use these for baby shower gifts for both baby and mom. There are other patterns non floral and well worth the trip to the store to check them out.

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