Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bath & Body Works | World Getaway Tote | Mothers Day Contest

April 22, 2014

Last night while checking out the Bath and Body Works web site I stumbled upon a contest for Mothers Day and today I noticed it became a pop up when I visited the page.  I posted the information and details in the previous blog but here are a few pictures of what you could win.

Last night while ordering something from Ebay, I saw someone posted a picture of a Bath and Body Works Coupon Mailer (yes, people sell everything I suppose ) that mentioned the World Getaway tote coming for Mothers Day and it was offering them the opportunity to "Be one of the FIRST to get it EARLY"......May 7th and 8th....
And then in todays email....there is the notice that the tote bag is online and ready to be bought.
I just placed an order on Easter, that will be delivered tomorrow, so I guess it is back to the site to see if there is anything new I may want.  The only thing I really wanted to get from this new floor set so far that I haven't already purchased was the pocketbacs.  I did think about getting the Pink Petal Teacake candle but didn't want to buy it online while the stores here wait to receive it or wait to put it out.  I saw pictures of a couple of smashed candles from online orders.....

I don't know if I am going to like it or the PINK PETAL (redo of tokoyo) Mothers Day Candle better so checking them out in the store is best.  It was suggested in store that I buy any candle...then bring it back to exchange later when the Petals comes in.  And while that is fine and dandy for their sales for the day, its a lot of hassle for me to bring home something I don't want...then take it back...and have my name put into the system for the exchange that was totally unnecessary.  And get the look....from the SA who isn't happy I did it. I can wait six more days.... ;)

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