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Kringle Candle Company | 42 Fragrance Reviews | Wax melts and Daylights

April 4, 2014
Here are my thoughts/reviews of my Kringle Candle Company Wax melts that I purchased over the past few months. There were only a few I didn't really love and wouldn't buy again but that is only because of my personal scent loves and dislikes...certainly not any performance reasons.
Food: (18)
  • Tangerine-Zesty, bright and outstandingly realistic, our Tangerine is the perfect representation of this most luscious small citrus fruit ❥ As if I just peeled a tangerine, the scent of the citrus is strong but as it's melting there is this creaminess that smells to me exactly like a cream-sicle.  SO yummy in a small melt, the large jar must be even more so.
  • Gingerbread-Everyone has pleasant memories of warm gingerbread figures served up with a glass of milk. This familiar spicy blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and sweetness is at the heart of our comforting Gingerbread. ❥This is one of the truest Gingerbread scents I have found so far. It is sharp as ginger is and the nutmeg and cinnamon do round it out.  This is definitely spicy so don't expect a sugary sweetness to it.
  • Gingerbread Snow Angel-Whimsy and wonderful embrace in this delightfully cheerful, spicy bakery blend. Comforting ginger, clove, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg notes abound ❥Now this scent is very different than the gingerbread melt.  The note of clove plays a part in changing up the scent to almost cookie like...still lacking a sugary side.  Very yummy smelling as it fills the house with scent.
  • Soothing Cinnamon-Comforting, familiar cinnamon bark accords reach a harmonious agreement with notes of Tahitian vanilla and a creamy coconut complex. ❥ Strong throw and genuine smell.  The vanilla does soften it down from smelling wood-like...completely and I am not sure I would say its a creamy coconut note at the end but whatever it works. I like cinnamon products so this worked great for me.
  • Crème Brulee-A classic dessert translated elegantly to candles. We’ve added just a touch of caramelized sugar sweetness to the smoothly-chilled vanilla custard notes ❥ This is a melt/candle I would burn if I were trying to sell a home.  What a warm, rich vanilla scent and a realistic one and you can smell that caramelized sweet note perfectly.  This is a candle melt that I kept putting up to my nose to smell over and over again because even cold, it's that good.
  • Black Tea and Honey-The natural earthiness of ground tea leaves is buoyed by sweet golden nectar. As comforting as a freshly-brewed cup ❥ I love tea and drink it all day, every day and this candle melt blew me away at how real it smells. I can smell the tea, and even what I thought was a hint of cloves boosting its essence and then mixing with the honey smell.  Another candle I cannot help but smell over and over again.  Love this because it is so different.
  • Royal Cherries-Filled with the special fragrant lusciousness of dark red tart-sweet Royal Cherries at their seasonal peak ❥The cold scent of this melt is that of sweet cherries. Warmed up, you can smell a hint of tartness...almost like a pie...but not enough to dampen the sweet. It reminds me of candy and those things flavored cherry.
  • Watermelon- Summer sweet and luscious, few things are as truly refreshing as fresh watermelon on a sunny afternoon. We believe this fragrance hits the mark. ❥The trouble with watermelon scented candles is the essence of the fruit is hard to recapture and it always ends up smelling fake or perfumy on the end. This didn't even smell like a candy...I would not get this scent again.
  • Kringle Cookie-Cookies fresh from the oven are a wondrous childhood memory. Capturing that recollection in a fragrance was our quest, and we’ve brought together a delightful union of vanilla, spices and honey notes.  ❥This is definitely more of a spice cookie than a sugary sweet cookie scent. I do like it and would burn it again but I was hoping for more of a sugar sweet cookie scent with the name.
  • Mango-We’ve captured the true essence of this wondrous tropical fruit; Mango’s green top notes blend with a hint of citrus followed by lush honeyed-pear succulence. ❥Spot on Mango fruit scent. Fresh scent, reminded me of eating the fruit.  Great match.
  • Peppermint Kiss-With touches of zingy peppermint, tingly citrus, sweet sugar and warm vanilla blending intoxicatingly, Peppermint Kiss is both bracing and unforgettable. ❥ Awesome scent.  This is note your typical peppermint scented candle.  There is a pronounced amount of citrus that hits you first, then the mint and the sweetness. This is definitely citrus meets the freshness of minty....Love this scent.
  • Fresh Baked Bread- ❥ No longer on the site....AND IT NEEDS TO BE, this is exactly as the name implies.  Fresh baking bread.  Its the most realistic scent in a candle my husband actually thought I was baking bread with the beef stew we were having for dinner.  Please bring this scent back!
  • Brownie Cheesecake- ❥Spicy is how I would describe this.  I expected chocolate brownie and the scent of cheese cake and it just smells spicy.
  • Coconut Pineapple-This tropical duo gets it right as rich, creamy Coconut and fresh, tangy Pineapple combine harmoniously  ❥I got this in a daylight candle and while the scent was yummy together, the throw of the daylight was poor.  I had to sit over it to smell it. I would try a wax melt as the throw on those are perfect and strong.
  • American Apple Pie- ❥ From start to finish this scent is Apple Pie. I can smell the cinnamon spiced apples in a crust of yumminess. Fragrances the house perfectly that you will think there is pie, for dessert.
  • Hot Chocolate- Our Hot Chocolate is deep, rich and filled with true cocoa goodness - perfect for warming your winter ❥ There is a hint of chocolaty goodness to this wax melt...and for some odd reason, there is a perfume note too. That note ruins it for me.
  • Pumpkin Spice-We’ve conjured all the savory aromas of a just-baked pumpkin pie: cinnamon, clove, nutmeg - and of course – fresh, ripe pumpkin. A favorite for cool weather. ❥This is fall in a melt. Spices and pumpkin and a throw.  This is a perfect Autumn scent and a definite rebuy for me.
  • White Pumpkin-Creamy, rich and more than a bit mystical, this unique fragrance takes the essence of pumpkin in a sophisticated new direction.  ❥Completely different than Pumpkin Spice, this is a rich and creamy scent that tones down the spice notes but not enough to miss them.  This is one of the best white pumpkin scents I have smelled and another perfect Autumn fragrance and a rebuy.
Woody: (7)
  • Bayberry-We sought to bring out the unique fragrance of the grey-white natural wax coating found on these crumbly peppercorn-sized berries. Reminiscent of pine with hints of eucalyptus. ❥Like every other bayberry candle you have smelled...only better. Love this scent.
  • Christmas Stroll-Inspired by fresh-cut Christmas trees and the hot mulled cider served during Nantucket’s Christmas Stroll, our president’s father Mike Kittredge helped design this bright holiday scent ❥Authentic and woodsy, this is a beautiful fragrance and another one of those you can't put just keep smelling it.  It reminds me of Christmas.  Love.
  • Balsam Fir-Balsam is the traditional tree of Christmas, and our goal was a true, botanically-accurate woodland fragrance evoking cold winter air and fresh-cut boughs. We believe we’ve really hit the mark. ❥ They definitely hit the mark, if you have ever smelled a Balsam Fir in the woods and pinched its needles, you got this scent.  LOVE....perfect for Christmas or anytime you want to bring back those treasured memories.
  • Wild Hollyberry-Shiny evergreen holly boughs and their scarlet berries are traditionally gathered for holiday decoration. This fragrance captures an invigorating outdoor blend of pine and woody notes. ❥A perfect pine and woodsy scent. I would re-buy this.
  • Snow Capped Fraiser Fir- ❥ Another woodsy scent, subtly different from the wild holly berry.
  • Snow Day-Sparkling, airy and bright, Snow Day creates a magical outdoor ambience, recalling childhood memories of happily-chilled cheeks and deliciously unexpected freedom. ❥at first sniff, it smelled ...soap like. there is a freshness to it as well, almost as if there is a minty note atop a pine/ is one of those off scents to me and one I wouldn't buy again.
  • Blue Spruce-  ❥ I have a Colorado Blue Spruce in my yard and the needles smell exactly like this wax melt.  its a beautiful woodsy fragrance and a re-buy
Spice: (2)
  • Thyme-Our Thyme offers a subtle, utterly woodsy fragrance with gentle under-notes of lemon. ❥ The thing I love to do in my garden with my herbs is pinch the Thyme between my fingers and smell its rich woody scent.  I love it dried in my cooking as well and this candle melt perfectly replicates that fresh pinched between your fingers green scent of this herb.
  • Rosemary-Possessing a strong and almost antiseptic sweet pine fragrance, Rosemary is instantly identifiable. ❥When I finished enjoying the fresh baked bread this morning, I added a piece of the Rosemary melt to it as suggested.
    Smelling the Rosemary melt
    cold in the packaging I got the impression of it smelling herb like. I grow Rosemary and I love that smell....and I find sometimes it is hard to replicate in candles and oils.
    When I broke the piece off of the block immediately I thought it smelled like, Pine Sol to me. That was my first impression. I am not a big fan of Pine Sol cleaner and I really don't use it as it gives me a headache.
Floral: (11)
  • Fresh Lilac- soft, magical floral recalling the very essence of springtime, our delicate Fresh Lilac is simple, pure and honest. ❥This is a beautiful Lilac scent yet there seems to be a touch of something added to make it a touch more perfume like than natural.
  • Gardenia-Not the Gardenia you remember, ours stays botanically true and avoids an overly-sweet interpretation. ❥Very close to be natural. And not sweet and sickening.
  • Under the Sea-This oceanic fantasy fragrance combines subtle accords of lemon, tea and woods to achieve a modern and tantalizing alliance. ❥ exactly those notes.  your hit with the lemon first and it's such a nice blend you keep on smelling.  Why it was named under the sea....I have no idea.... I would have called it afternoon tea or lemon.
  • Nantucket Rose-The distinctive “rose of the dunes” offers wide, welcoming pink blossoms. This robust flowery fragrance recalls sharp salt air and vacations spent beachside ❥I don't know about roses of the dunes, but I do know this is a rose scented wax melt and done beautifully.
  • Petals in Water-Sweetly delicate lilac and rose nuance soar together over a base of fruit and musk ❥Definitely floral. On first sniff, it reminded me of a bar of soap or laundry detergent floral smelling.  It's really pretty...and very flowery.  It is a blend of lilac and rose.
  • Fields of Heather-The pastel moors of Scotland are home to countless purple-pink heather blossoms. We’ve accurately infused our Fields of Heather with the same intoxicating fragrance ❥ I have grown heather and this is a very close replication of that scent...hyped up a bit.  excellent throw.
  • French Lavender-Discover the idyll of Provence’s purple meadows in our calming French Lavender, sure to help take you away from the stresses of the day. ❥ This is a bit softer in sharpness of what you expect French Lavender to smell like but it is beautifully fragrant and did not induce a headache like some Lavender candles do.
  • Cherry Blossom-Our Cherry Blossom is a lively and authentic botanical fragrance, celebrating the renewal of spring with a promise of luscious tart/sweet fruits to come ❥A beautiful flower and a beautiful scent, this is sweet floral and slightly tart but more reminiscent of a baby powder scent.  Very pretty and I have bought more.
  • Provence- gentle blend sweet honey, citrus and lavender, to re-create the magical fields of Provence. ❥Exactly all of those fragrances blend into this typical Provence fragrance.
  • Sunflower Sunrise-A sweet floral scent as jubilant as the happy blooms smiling down from their towering stems. Sunflower Sunrise is a classic summertime remembrance. ❥
  • Peony-Notoriously difficult to replicate, we’ve found the delightful sweet and lively essence of these lavish pink blossoms
Masculine: (4)
  • Gift of Kings-A magical elixir of sparkling citrus mingles with spiced florals and rich oriental accords. Truly fit for the noblest of noses. ❥This is one of thee most beautiful scents Kringle makes.  And the only thing I can liken it to is mass at my church when they use the incense.  Its a strong throw, even for a melt and the scent lingers long after the wax is done melting...and beautifully.  I have repurchased this numerous times already.
  • Autumn Winds-Spicy woody undertones marry sweetly with the unmistakable and nostalgic aroma of crunchy fallen leaves.  ❥Exactly as they say....spicy woody notes that throw like no ones business and choked me here in my office when I was reviewing it.  Perfect Autumn scent to be used in a larger area.  Definite re-buy.
  • Welcome Home-Friendly spice notes, a touch of baking bread and warm hearthside aromas evoke reassurances of homecoming and sanctuary found. ❥I smell cinnamon and cloves as this is also a very warm spicy fragrance.  Beautiful to burn as it has a warmth to it.  I don't smell the baking bread but it is a perfect scent to burn with company around.
  • No.12-Citrus-forward with a charismatic tropical fruit and oriental wood accord. ❥Exactly as they state the notes are, you can smell the fruit...yet its not overwhelming nor beach like because the warmth of the woods tone it down. You know its a masculine scent yet like nothing I have ever smelled before now,.  Definite re-buy


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