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Bath & Body Works | Archive | Floor Set | 2010 - 2014

12.26 - 1.20 Semi Annual Sale
1.21 Sun, Sky Air (trio Collection)
 ❥Golden Magnolia Sun
 ❥Violet Lily Sky
 ❥Pear Blossom Air
 Destination Candles
2.3 Sweet Shop (candles and hand soap)
2.16  Mad About You
2.17 New Formula Hand Soap
         Fresh Picked Collection New

3.10 Aloha, Hawaii (trio Collection)
 ❥Hawaiian Passion fruit Kiss
 ❥Maui Hibiscus Beach
 ❥Oahu Coconut Sunset
3.31 Provence Collection
         French Lavender and Honey
4.28 World Gardens (trio Collection)
 Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom
 ❥Morocco Orchid and pink Amber
 ❥London Tulips and Black Berry Tea
4.28 Garden Party Candle Collection
5.18   Endless Weekend

 Coastal Cool Candle Collection
June  Semi Annual Sale
7.7 Summer Sale ( Trio Collection)
 Cool Coconut Surf
 Hello Sun Shine
 Peace Love and Daisies

Summer Sips Candle Collection



1.14 Paradise

2.4 Forever Red
     Sweethearts (trio Collection)
 ❥Honey Sweetheart
 ❥Berry Flirt
 ❥Daisy Dream Girl

3.4 Fresh Picked
     Wild Garden (trio Collection)
 ❥Wild Peach Poppies
 ❥Wild Berry Tulips
 ❥Wild Citrus Sunflower




4.1 Beautiful Day
      Italy (trio Collection)
 ❥Rome Honeysuckle Amore
 ❥Venice Dolce Berry
 ❥Capri Seaside Citrus

5.13 Pure Paradise

Photo: Cool off with a wave of NEW summer scents like NEW Pure Paradise™ & Malibu Heat™! 

Photo: Let's turn up the HEAT! Our summer-favorite Malibu Heat™ is back & ready to transport you to sun & sand — it's the beach in a bottle!

6.12 Semi Annual Sale

7.8 Summer Chill (trio Collection)
 ❥Citrus Orchid Chill
 ❥Coconut Water Chill
 ❥White Mango Chill
Summer Twist (trio Collection)
 ❥Mango Melon Twist
 ❥Plum Lily Swirl
 ❥Sugar Berry Smash




8.5  Sweet and Sexy

8.7.13 (online release)
Signature Fall Traditions
 ❥Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
 ❥Aspen Caramel Woods
 ❥Napa Autumn Blackberry
 ❥Vermont Honey Apple


 9.13 Amber Blush

10.7 Holiday 1

 ❥Vanilla Bean Noel
 ❥Winter Candy Apple
 ❥Merry Marshmallow Kiss
 ❥Cranberry Twinkle
 ❥Twisted Peppermint

10.25 new Signature Men's Collection
11.4 It happened one Night
11.4 Forever Midnight


 12.17 Velvet Sugar



1.16 Tropical  Carnival (escape to the tropics)
 ❥Bali Mango
 ❥Aruba Coconut
 ❥Rio Rumberry



2.6 Pink Chiffon



3.5 Fresh Picked

4.2 Americas favorites

5.18 Boardwalk - Malibu - Wild Garden

Wild Garden (trio Collection)
 ❥Wild Citrus Sunflower
 ❥Wild Daffodil Apple
 ❥Wild Berry Tulips

6.12 Semi Annual Sale

7.9 Love, Love, Love


8.3 From Paris, with Love (trio Collection)
 ❥Sweet on Paris
 ❥Paris Nights
 ❥Paris in Bloom


9.5 Autumn - fall market
 ❥Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
 ❥Brown Sugar Fig
 ❥Dreamy Vanilla Woods
 ❥Honey Autumn Apple

10.8 Cashmere Glow

10.29 Holiday Traditions
 ❥Twisted Peppermint
 ❥Vanilla Bean Noel
 ❥Winter Candy Apple
 ❥Pink Sugarplum
 ❥Frosted Snowberry

11.4 Forever Red

11.19 Black Friday

11.27 Holiday 3 - 4

12.10 holiday 4 - Sparkling Blackberry Woods

12.24 semi annual sale


1.18 Island Escape



2.7 Carried Away



2.25 JCB

3.18 Fresh Picked



4.15 Country Chic


5.9 Into the Wild

5.23 Coconuts (trio Collection)
 ❥Coconut Pineapple
 ❥Coconut Passion Fruit
 ❥Coconut Mango


6.9 Semi Annual Sale


7.4  Citrus (trio Collection)
 ❥Peach Citrus
 ❥Pomegranate Citrus
 ❥Apple Blossom Citrus


7.22 Summer Treats

8.  Halloween





8.12 Paris




 ❥Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
 ❥Cozy Autumn Vanilla
 ❥Warm Harvest Apple





10.3 Charmed Life - Holiday 1

10.31 Merry Mistletoe -Holiday 2


11.21 Be Enchanted - Holiday 3

12.13 JCB- Holiday 4
12.23 January sale

Holiday Traditions:
 ❥Winter Candy Apple
 ❥Vanilla Bean Noel
 ❥Twisted Peppermint
 ❥Snow Kissed Berry

Forever Sunshine






Dark Kiss

 Orange Sapphire

Ps. I love You




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