Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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April 2, 2014

This week, Rite-Aid Pharmacy is having a sale on all L'Oreal cosmetics offering them at 40% off. For anyone who loves and uses this brand you know that is a great sale.

A few days ago in CVS I stumbled up the L'Oreal Privee Collection  and I wrote the blog regarding the lipsticks and mentioned that I wanted to get the nail polish next to try. So the timing for this was perfect.  I missed seeing the ad earlier in the week or I could have also purchased the rest of the lipsticks I didn't get {they are $10.99 each at CVS)  at a fantastic price....but they were sold out today.

This is the display prior to my purchases.  How I missed putting the JLo in my basket I don't know.... These colors are so beautiful in person, I know there is a shade...or seven for everyone...

Accompanying display:

Here are the five that I purchased- $3.59 each

❥610 Eva's nude
❥630 Liya's nude
❥600 Doutzen's nude
❥350 Frieda's nude
❥580 because your worth it


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