Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bath & Body Works | New Candles | Hobnail Glass - Planter Pot | more photos

April 30, 2014

Spring candles are in FULL BLOOM now at Bath and Body Works and here are a few new styles currently out.
❥ Planter Pot Candles: priced at $8.00 with any purchase

❥ Hobnail Glass Candles: {the size of a mason jar candle} priced at 2 for $20.00 in Both White Barn Core scents and White Barn Garden Party Scents


White Barn Garden Party scents

bloom {enjoy the newest spring blooms with this fresh floral blend of peonies, lily of the valley and a hint of dewy pear}
garden party {your cordially invited to enjoy a blend of pink garden roses and pear blossoms wrapped in soft musk}
sundress {easy and breezy as a sunny day in the garden this blend of bright daylilies, Tonka beans and bright bergamot is a beautiful new style of fragrance. }
sugarberry spritzer {offer your guests a special treat- a sugar berry spritzer. this springy effervescent blend captures the fun and festivity of a garden party in sparkling water, sugarberries and elder flowers}

watermelon lemonade {refresh your thirst for spring with this pleasing mixture of watermelon ice sparkling water and freshly squeezed meyer lemons}
lilac blossom {celebrate early spring with one of its most beautiful flowers lushly fragrant lilac and a bouquet of lily of the valley and violet leaves} honeysuckle
spring {a delicate blend of white rain, yellow daisy and sycamore woods, it contains the freshness of the season}
honeysuckle {inspired by a beautiful flower garden this spring blend combines sweet honeysuckle vines peony petals and weeping willow
pink petal tea cake { tea for two becomes even sweeter with the fragrance of a pink petal tea cake made from garden rose petals, fresh
white barn Core:

bergamot woods


mahogany teakwood

eucalyptus mint

lavender vanilla

Japanese cherry blossom

renew and refresh

lilac blossom


watermelon lemonade

eucalyptus mint and rain


frosted cupcake

fresh linen

cinnamon stick

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