Friday, January 31, 2014

Bath & Body Works | packaging designs | Spring things 2014

January 31, 2014

Tonight is one of those nights where I just have to type out all of the new that I know because I can't show it yet.  And I know anyone who reads me knows when I can show something I do, and when I can't for good reasons I don't. 
Trust me I sooo want to do more but I can't yet.  But I had to share this information with someone first...for fear my head would explode.  No one could be mad if I just shared info to prevent my head exploding and promote excitement....right?  Haha
My previous blogs have all of the products and the scents of each product listed when I found out and when I am done with this list I will do an updated master list again to keep things up to date.  And yes know I can just go and be the first to show everything picture wise.... and really upset the apple cart....but there is no need. As I can show I will. 
Anyway...let's talk what's coming..
There may be an App thing soon (sm) and special offers for signature items and candles for some stores. 
Monday Sweet Shop is launching in conjunction with Mad about You signatures release and MIDNIGHT for men. We know all about that.
The signature foam product should also be out.
Black and pink awnings over beautiful white tables will be the focus when you enter the store.  Centered should be the Mad About You display and on each side of it will be The Forever lines, Midnight on one side and Red on the other.  The Sweet shop will be full of soaps, sanitizers and home fragrances that we have seen so far and hopefully a few more new things.  I did get a few pictures of interesting spring touches in Michaels Craft store that I don't want to forget to show. This clear glass dome would fit on any plate you want to make a focal point in your decorating with Bath and Body things.
March we are in for a great Hawaii Bath and Body Works style.  Drenched in all things full of sun and fun the signature fragrances bottles will definitely make us want to book a flight asap!

Signatures: HAWAII Collection will come out in these three names that I reported a few weeks ago.
*Hawaii Collection:
Hawaiian Passionfruit Kiss:
(fruity floral) kona mountain passion fruit, white papaya blossom, creamy macadamia
Maui Hibiscus Beach:
(floral fruity) refreshing star fruit, tropical hibiscus, mango wood
Oahu Coconut Sunset:
(fruity gourmand) coconut blossom, pink tiger lily, molten amber
While I cannot show you yet... I can tell you this about the packaging designs
Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss is bright pink/orange metallic
FFM...bottle is bright pink color
Maui Hibiscus Beach
Body Lotion...bottle is white/(or lotion is white) with a blue label on it with Hawaiian things shown
FFM...bottle is turquoise blue color with palm fronds
Oahu Coconut Sunset 
FFM....bottle is orange colored bottle, palm fronds, touches of pink
The center table will be divided out into the three bright beautiful colors of this line, blue, pink and yellow and centered over will be palm leaves and Hawaiian flowers.  This theme is bright and colorful throughout and will help push out all of our winter woes.
Then we are getting the Lavender product.

*French Lavender & Honey:
(floral musk) flowering French lavender, nectarine de provence, sun kissed honey
The soap bottles of this French line are so pretty and match the names of the candles and are the colors of the candles that I also posted a bit ago.....
Soaps are:
Mediterraean Lemon
Sun Drenched Vineyard
Provence Garden
Mandarin Citron
Lavender Blossom
Wild Poppies
Done in shades of pinks and purples the French Lavender and Honey bottles are so pretty.  They incorporate buildings of France adding in little touches of a red flower. I am not doing these justice at all by trying to explain them rather than showing you.   There is the FFM, TMC, SG, BL and a round squat bottle I am guessing is EDT with a purple ribbon tied at the top and the word Provence on it. There is a small mini edt so I am guessing that there will be a preview.  Purple and silver metallic tubes of a shea hand cream and a lip gloss also.
How these scents figure in I am not sure of yet...
Almond & Honey
Apricot  & Honey
Wild Iris & Honey
but in seeing the table set there are
 other scents that will be in shades of purple and yellow.
Beautiful displays of one of my favorite all time scents.  I cannot wait for this.
And Coming out for Mothers Day we are going to be taken to the
Gardens of morocco, japan and England for more signature scents.
*World Gardens
London Tulips & Black Berry Tea:
(fruity floral) English garden tulips, sparkling raspberry tea, white sandalwood
Morocco Orchid & pink Amber:
( floral oriental) Marrakesh orchid, pink amber, creamy vanilla
Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom:
(floral gourmand) cherry red lotus, Japanese apple blossom, crisp mandarin zest

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