Saturday, June 22, 2013

Victorias new and B&BW too

June 22, 2013

My Victoria's Secret Semi Annual sale haul from today....  and the sale ends tomorrow so if your interested in grabbing awesome deals, make sure you stop by.  They had a ton of Beauty Products for 75% off and 65% off including purse gift sets.....

I looked around for the new beach collection and the bombshell paradise collection to see them and smell them and of course they weren't out but the manage went into the back room for me to try everything....and I bought all she brought out.  They didn't ring up correctly because she said they weren't available as of yet for in store sales so she price adjusted everything.  Yay!

While I waited to see the new...I was distracted with the old and ended up grabbing a bunch of clearance items to fill two bags.

I will review each of the fragrances tomorrow but they do all smell lovely and worth a look.  The shimmer glow body stick is fantastic.  What a nice surprise to find out it is cooling to the touch with a bit of color and a bit of scent.

Now for a quick note about Bath and Body Works.  The store I went to today told me they got an internal email....

no letting any cats out of the bag....   booooooo

and no-  no-- no ---selling anything before it is scheduled for release.

I asked if they heard anything about the Fall signatures and I was told that they had the new Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin in the back....and I did ask if the bottles are different, the two managers went to open the box and look and said no. I was not permitted to see it... per the email but I saw they actually did look.

It's going to make for an interesting fall/holiday season.....

And whoever wants to sell me what I want it Vickies, The Body Shop...B&BW....whomever....that is who is going to get my holiday dollars.  I proved that today with two heavy bags from Vickies and nothing from B&BW.