Friday, June 14, 2013

Semi Annual Sale part Deux

June 14, 2013

Semi Annual Sale Shopping 2.  This Bath and Body Works Store out of town was loaded with goodies.....and had at least four tables filled with 75% off least 8 bins on each table.  And the more others pulled to check out...the more things on the bottom were revealed.  They had mens  colognes...oak and citron.....for $7.50 a bottle.  They had a table full of 3 wick candles that rang up $3.46 each.

The store that I was in yesterday had the Rio Rumberry and those tropics from January at 50% off.  This store had them at 75% off.  The bins were full of the 3 cheers products....both lotions and shower gels...bubble baths galore in assorted scents......the three different paris (nights, in bloom and sweet on) both lotions and shower gels, the wild garden items, the lemon vanillas and the berry vanillas... sparkling blackberry woods.....Soooooo many things.  I saw pocketbacs that filled an entire bin and lip glosses too many to even name. 

This store had a 75% off shopping fest going on. 

Then there were the other things 50% off....

And today in this store was a huge Forever Red Sale.  The lotion, golden sugar scrub, roller ball and something else...I forgot, were $5.00 and $6.00.

At the entrance way was the display for all of the Select Aromatherapy products also $5.00 today.

I focused on the 75% off tables as I wanted some of the candles....I saw the 4oz there as well for $5.00 {bonfire Maplewood and other scents}  and the selection of mini candles were also well assorted from Christmas scents to the everyday.  I love that I found some of the Paris themed.

So here is what I got today:

Lemon 1.3oz candle luminary  $3.37

more cotton blossom  $1.98

white citrus body scrub $2.31

berry vanillas $1.82

strawberry sparkler (3 cheers line) $1.82

wild peach poppies $1.82

3 wick candles $ 3.46 / 3.55

$ 1.3 oz mini candles $1.06 each