Friday, June 14, 2013

The Personal Shopper

June 14, 2013

In a few days I will be adding a Ecommerce section to my blog.  Hopefully.  Either that or I will open another URL specifically for that purpose. I haven't really decided which yet as both are a bit time consuming to get off the ground.

But the thoughts to get this going now has sprung from the B&BW Semi Annual Sale starting and a lot of requests for items  to me personally from people located in other countries where B&BW does not service.

How many times have we seen written on the fan Facebook page....please open up a store here.  Or people complaining that they want to purchase it on the secondary market but it is pretty cost prohibitive....if you can even find a seller on Ebay or Amazon who wants to ship international.

I have been shipping internationally now for 13 years and fortunately I never have had any problems.  And be it selling something on Ebay or personally through my Ecommerce site,  I am glad to get some of these awesome products to the  people who really want to try them without the huge markups others may charge.  In effect, I will become their personal shopping sweetheart. 

So keep a lookout for those upcoming changes....Until then... Happy Shopping.....