Sunday, June 9, 2013

True Blue Spa Cooling sunscreen spf 30 mist sale

June 9 2013

While shopping at my favorite store today not only did I get some insider tips that I will be blogging about next but I decided I wanted to use my $16.50 valued coupon up before I forgot about it.

I searched high and low for something I don't already own to purchase to make ten dollars to get my freebie.  And you may think it's easy....but it wasn't.

Finally, I took another peak into the blue sale bins now marked half off and found another ceramic pineapple and some true blue spa cooling sunscreen mist spf 30 originally marked $12.00.

I grabbed a few cans and made my way to the counter.
Imagine my surprise when the first can was scanned and it rang up 60 cents.

The SA said to me, "  look at the screen",  and I did, and when the manager came over to look she told her to give them to me.  I was laughing, telling her..."oh yes....I saw that price now... no changies."

And it was nice for a change to have the price ring wrong in my favor.

Ninety five percent off.... three days before semi annual sale here at Bath and body works.....

Now that's what I call a great pre-game show!