Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Forever Midnight sneak peek

June 26, 2013

Forever Midnight

I remember this time last year being told from my favorite Bath and Body Works stores manager that she had a gift for me.  She had just returned from her B&BW Business convention trip in Colorado and had shown me some of the fantastic things that were to come and one of them was this new scent...Forever Red.

She gave me this little  bottle in this little shiny black box with a big red ribbon bow ( I still have it all) tucked inside of a red bag with a hang tag that read You Rock.

And that fragrance was what rocked.  I was asked to try it....and blog about it.  And I did as I was the first person to mention it publically blog-wise.

I found the site on the Bath and Body Works page that was a preview to this new fragrance and shared that link as well.

Here we are a year later and now the new Forever Midnight sneak peek is up and already being shared blog-wide.

I am hoping that July 1st, there will be another release from store managers to try this scent....