Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nest for Wren(t).....Cheep......

June 29th , 2013

This morning I went out for the paper like I do every other day and picked it up off of the front porch carpet shaking my head at the fact there wasn't a  rubberband around it and it was blown open.  As I gathered up my pieces I glanced over at the front wall and noticed the moss I had beneath the faux silk geraniums was pulled out all over the floor and some of the flowers were missing.

Being in my sleep clothes I chose to wait to go investigate further when I was dressed. With hubby at work I really didn't want to take the chance I would lock myself out without a phone or a bra.  :)

So I did my morning routine and before long hubby was home and mentioned the mess on the porch and asked me what happened.  It didn't surprise me much that there were flowers missing.  Someone thinks my beautiful hydrangea flowers out front are theirs for the taking and last summer, every night they came into my gated yard....and took clumps of them....including the old wood.  Which ruined the plant.  Nitwits. 

And last November we were burglarized in broad daylight so people and their motivations....I haven't a clue.  We can't even invest in decent new front porch furniture because we know they will be taken.  Even with the cameras on the property we have had people come up onto the porch and take the things right off of the porch.

So I grabbed my bucket and Mr. Clean....a wash cloth and a broom and set out to clean the moss mess.  With hubby at my side we looked up at the wall basket that held silk flowers and noticed they too had been taken.  And as quick as we saw that, my husband said...check in there and see if there is a birds nest.

Much to my shock...and surprise...there was.

But how...when?  We were out last night and clearly there was no mess on the porch and all flowers were present and accounted for. 

Nature is amazing to me. I love being around it and finding these little things to remind me we as humans are not the smartest of all Gods Creatures.  And bird nests always make me smile.  How birds make these intricate little holders without hands....using only their beaks... amazing.

But this little nest is not in a good location.  And I personally would love to watch the full progression of this little family, but I know I don't want to be attacked every time we go in and out of our front door.

I looked for eggs and there were none.  So I pulled out the glider and lo and behold there were some of the ivy and silk flowers....pulled out to make room for his nest.  How did they get those out of the oasis?  ha ha

And a tough nest it was let me tell you.  He started with a nice thick mud base and worked the pieces up and into the flower stems and the ivy.  I had to take the entire thing apart to clean everything and remove the nest. Of course it saddened me to remove his/her hard work ....and I wouldn't have if there were eggs....  I saved the nest, putting it carefully in a wire hanging basket in the back yard as I wanted to get a better picture of it.  Who knows, another bird may come along and find use for it... for the night.  I could hang a sign on it.... Nest for Wren(t)  Cheep......