Tuesday, June 25, 2013

future deals of the day??

June 25, 2013

So as the weeks of the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale winds down and our anticipation of the upcoming fall releases heats up, we are still seeing a few deals of the day thrown at us to get us back in the store.  The stores I was at this weekend were empty....no customers.  But that comes from no new price reductions.

Last weeks two sales....the country apple $2.00 and the $1.00 travel sizes were a total bust for those of us who did get the email yet found the stores in our area were not participating.  Customer service told me to avoid disappointment I should call all of the stores in my area before going to see if they are part of the sales offered.

I am starting to think the best way to "avoid disappointment" is to delete the emails.  ;)

I have been watching what the future deals are going to be, of course not sure what is going to happen when....and what sometimes happens if the info is put out there....the sale may change. I thought I posted the deals on Saturday night but I am not finding it here.  Maybe I did it on the other page...I am not sure...I have a lot going on at the moment.

So this is just the list of what were planned to be possible deals.

  • $2.00 lip
  • $2.50 anti bac hand cream
  • $2.50 room sprays
  • $2.50 wallflower single bulbs
  • $3.00 hand sanitizer
  • $4.00 body cream
  • $5.00 body butter
  • $6.00 fine fragrance mist
  • 50% off true blue spa, pocketbacs and aromatherapy

If you notice todays deal is the body cream for $4.00 but the picture (taken just now)  also shows the fine fragrance mist as today only.  I did check and it's not today....so maybe tomorrow?

I am not going to be rushing to the stores to load up on anything now. I am pretty well stocked up for sure and I am a bit disenchanted with the way customer service has been lately.  There was a time when you could call and ask about a scent....and what it smelled like and what that person thought of it.  Now you get a standard...I never heard of it... I don't know about it.....we don't have that information.... blah blah...fib, fib.

Hopefully, something is going to change...and they start to put the service back in customer service....I miss that.