Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bath & Body Works Summer Lovin' signature scents....smelled

June 8, 2013

While out and about today, I did stop at a B&BW store in the mall I visited and asked to smell the newest additions to the signature line...

  • Sugar Berry Smash,
  • Mango Melon Twist
  • Plum Lily Swirl.

The SA behind the counter helping me adjust a sales slip regarding hand soap went into the back and got a lotion of each for me to smell.

She promptly told me and all who saw them and also came close to smell that these will not be released until next month when the Summer Chill line comes out....after Semi Annual Sale.

I told her I saw them online today for the first time and she smiled and told me, your welcome to buy them online now at the buy 3 get 2 sale but in store I will need to wait until next month.  I smiled, smelled each and thanked her and the manager for letting me smell them and see them.

I will be saving money.  These all smell, like all of the other B&BW lotions start to smell.  Nothing new and fresh to grab you and make you want them.  The lotions were hardly noticeable scentwise just sniffing the bottle.  These were not testers.

So if I can get a better smell later and get them for free....then yes, maybe.... otherwise... no.  Not worth any big tado....  and the labels in person....another eh.

B&BW needs to keep the releases fresh and continuous.....this leaking info early that a scent or two groups of scents are coming...then holding them they say, until next month.....leaves me open to buy Philosophy products as I saw they have a "Beach Party" new scent out....and I wonder what else Victoria' Secrets may have.