Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fall 2013

I don't know about you, but I am super excited to read about all of this new-ness coming in the next few months. I am burning Pumpkin Cupcake currently and wow does my home smell wonderful.

Speaking of ---While talking fall product new-ness with a few friends of mine this week ( who both have a sister and a daughter that work in the store in their town)  I was told that because so much information is getting out ahead of scheduled releases via social media,  Bath and Body Works sent out an email about non disclosure and what they are allowed to say to customers.  I had already heard about that from the workers at the store I was shopping at and saw it live when I was told I couldn't see the new Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin bottle.  Later I mentioned I saw the cutest little fox bag pictured and was told, "oh yes we have those in the back"

So my asking....anything new come in.....was what?  Ha ha.

If they think that is going to stop it from happening....I think they are in for a surprise.  Another blogger clearly stated she has sources inside the company who are sharing information with her.  Hence the list below.  This is after the non disclosure was issued. 

As a business person, I fully understand the ramifications of your product information hitting the market before you want it to.

As a dedicated shopper and promoter of this companies  product, I want to know what is coming when I ask. I would hope my questions to be answered honestly.  Is that too much to ask?

Maybe it's because I was so accustomed to last years holiday influx of information at every turn.  Carts of products were being wheeled out to show us customers and the staff was as excited as we were and wanted to share what to watch for.

I don't have hundreds of dollars worth of receipts from last year, I have thousands of dollars worth to show just how much I support this brand.  I hope they soon realize that we....their customers, are what makes all of their success....happen.

Here is the list I mentioned shared by See it,  Love it, Buy it, retyped out by me now and I will add the product photos as they begin to appear on the Bath and Body Works web page.


July 8th Summer Chill Floorset
Summer Twist and Summer Love products






Summer Twist- available in body lotion, shower gel and fine fragrance mist
  • Sugar Berry Smash
  • Mango Melon Twist
  • Plum Lily Swirl
Summer Twist Antibacterial-
  • apple mango
  • lemon daisy
  • passion fruit fig
  • peach poppy
  • pink berry citrus
  • strawberry hibiscus
  • wild berry freesia

Summer Chill- available in body lotion, shower gel and fine fragrance mist and cooling mist
  • White Mango Chill
  • Citrus Orchid Chill
  • Coconut Water Chill

I have read that Forever Sunshine is coming back for a limited time and will be available in the same products that are the online exclusives: body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance and triple moisture cream.


I have been waiting for the July release of the True Blue Spa's nourishing body bars and the shower smoothies since I was told about them months ago. I have used and Loved the previously released scents and I look forward to these being added:
  • New- blueberry vanilla
  • New- pineapple papaya
  • New- Strawberry banana
  • raspberry
  • mango butter
  • honeydew kiwi

 Home Fragrance-
3 wick candles, room sprays and wallflowers)
  • carribean salsa
  • coconut lime verbena
  • passion flower
  • seaside escape
  • tropical spice
  • dazzling diamond
  • hippo berry
  • pineapple mojo
  • ruby red
  • swinging vanilla
  • zippy fruit punch

 July 29th Pumpkin Preview - This is a preview release for a limited time: July 29th to August 4th

Signature Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin-  (body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist)

Home Fragrance-
  • pumpkin cupcake
  • pumpkin caramel latte
Pumpkin Antibacterial-
  • creamy pumpkin
  • pumpkin caramel latte
  • pumpkin cupcake
  • spice kissed pumpkin
  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  • sweet orange pumpkin
August 5th Sweet and Sexy Floor-set

Sweet and Sexy line:
 body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, travel lotion, mini mannequin mist, full sized mannequin shimmer mist and glam hair texturizer and glosser .  sweet berry candy / wine berry duo lip gloss will also be available 
  • sweet peony dream
  • sexy dahlia spice
August 19th Fall Traditions Floor-set
(shower gel, body lotion, fine fragrance mist, triple moisture cream, golden sugar scrub, lip gloss, travel lotion and mist, and whipped shimmer body cream in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin only.)
Signature Fall Traditions:
  • aspen caramel woods
  • napa autumn blackberry
  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  • vermont honey apple
Fall Antibacterial:
  • aspen autumn day
  • autumn cranberry
  • autumn bouquet
  • crimson plum
  • farm stand apple
  • Georgia bourbon peach
  • harvest pumpkin
  • hazelnut
  • heartland harvest
  • heirloom cranberry
  • heirloom pear
  • honey crisp apple
  • Montana mountain air
  • scarlet pumpkin
  • sugar maple
  • sweet clementine
  • washington apple harvest
Fall Home Fragrance:

the pumpkins:
  • pumpkin apple
  • pumpkin carving
  • pumpkin woods
  • pumpkin pecan waffles
  • roasted pumpkin butter
  • blueberry pumpkin patch
  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin
  • pumpkin caramel latte
  • pumpkin cupcake
  • pumpkin carrot cake
  • pumpkin hayrides
  • creamy pumpkin
the apples:
  • harvest gathering
  • leaves
  • cider lane
  • autumn
  • cider doughnut
  • spiced cider
  • farm stand apple
  • applewood bonfire
the woodsy naturals:
  • fresh balsam
  • cedar wood trail
  • pinecone
  • autumn day
  • marshmallow fireside
  • sage and cedar
  • bergamot woods
  • tailgate
  • coconut woods
  • flannel
  • sweater weather
the fresh:
  • fresh picked apple
  • fresh picked pear
  • fresh picked blackberry spice
  • fresh picked harvest coffee
the citrus and spice:
  • cinnamon and clovebud
  • black pepper bergamot
  • vanilla vetiver
  • white barn no 1 nutmeg and spice
  • lemon mint leaf
  • sandal wood citrus
  • cranberry woods

There will be a Amber Blush EDT Preview available as well as two lip glosses: vanilla glitz and golden caramel.

September 9th Floor-set

 Amber Blush
(available in: body lotion, shower gel, fine fragrance mist, triple moisture cream, shimmer mist, golden sugar scrub, golden shimmer body soufflé, EDT and sheer perfume mist.

Signature Holiday Floor-set  - Possibly September 30th or October 7th


The newest Luxe Fragrance release:  Forever Midnight for him/her  and Forever Red Rum possibly November for holiday gift giving