Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fall candle release

June 25, 2013

What sweethearts those girls are that work for Bath and Body Works in the White Barn store...I just had to put that out there.  No matter how busy they may be, they take the time to answer all of your questions.

I was just speaking to a sales associate there as to what date the pumpkin candles are coming out so I can get my list made up.  You know you want to try everyone of those yummy named candles even if they may not be scents your accustomed to using.

I was told two weeks ago from someone there that the fall test scents will be in store the second week of July.

She said that the Pumpkin line is scheduled to release July 29th and the other fall tests should be available at the same time.  She said she is scheduled to work then, so that is what she knows to be the true date.

I questioned her if she meant June 29th, because that's when my SA's mentioned it was as they showed me that little blurb in their floor sales catalog about pumpkin candles....but she said no it was July 29th.

I mentioned I read it was going to be July 8th and she asked me was I referring to a certain blog person ( Cia at Shoppin' Sweetheart)  that she had just spoken with and when I confirmed it, she said she was mistaken when she said that to her.

And that's how it happens that the information gets mixed up.

Short of working at the actual place and seeing it for ourselves come in and go on the floor...those of us who report what we are told are at the mercy of ever changing information.

My advice is to keep calling and checking back weekly with the stores you plan on making your test candle purchases at.  Things get sent out early so you never know when fall will decide to sneak out pre- September.