Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pssst.... I've got a secret.....

June 16, 2013

There was a bit more information posted today regarding upcoming scents and I thought I would journal it here. 

We all pretty much guessed months ago when the Midnight Trademark came out that it was most likely going to be something grand...we just didn't know it was going to be both a mens and a womens fragrance release.  And if you follow B&BW really closely you kind of get to know the flow of things and we all pretty much figured it was going to be holiday timed.  And releasing both is a bonanza for those of us with men in our lives and are looking for something special and new for a gift.

Last June, I was told that July 1st I was to come to my favorite store as the manager at the time there had a gift for me. We were friends so that didn't seem odd to me. As it turned out it was the preview bottle of the Forever Red scent she had received at a conference in Colorado I think it was.  I was given it and told to try it....and then later on I was asked if I liked it....loved it... or hated it....and if I would share my thoughts of it... good or bad.  Which I did.

It was an awesome fragrance that blended well with my body chemistry and I have been enjoying it ever since.

And since I saw the trademark I was hoping that this too would be one of those scents that could become a signature scent for me...and I can't wait to get it.

And it was written today that there are those Forever Midnight scents for her and him and a Forever Red Rum coming (names subject to change) as well.

 "Caramel liqueur wrapped in sultry vanilla orchid and intoxicating cream de cassis & Caramel liqueur layered with essential oils and blackberry bourbon".

I need to spend a moment though and get something off of my chest while I am talking about these new scents.

It is awesome to know what is coming up well before it is scheduled to release.  We all love going to the store and asking what is new and hearing a name of a product...or even getting to smell something from a tester. 

It keeps us interested.

And lately when I go into my store, the managers and SA's don't have any information other than what is on the shelf or what  maybe printed on a bounceback.  But we who read the blogs and write the blogs and follow this all very closely from keeping up with it all many months in advance know of future products.

So when we go into the store and ask if they heard of  this certain name..... oh, say.... amber blush...or any name.... we get this deer in the headlights look.  Because things are tightened down so much that even the District Managers aren't sharing too much...if they know.

And forget about calling customer service and getting a product name or note.  Help with a store...bad product...anything like that...these guys and girls rock.  Ask what is in  white mango chill and you are told..." I don't anything about that product."   I told her it is on the bounceback coupon and she said...really.  I told her I was told numerous times before you guys have a shelf there with all of the new items on it so you can refer back to a product to help a customer and was told yes we do. And I asked again and was told I have no information.  In October, the sweet CS lady went and got me a few items off of the shelf to tell me what they smelled like to her. Not anymore.

So for whatever reason....and I have been told a few different reasons, the information belt has been tightened and info is not coming easily. Which is fine.

When I have written about information coming out especially scent notes....I was called names...poo pooed...was told I am jealous I didn't post it first......etc.  I'm not.  I really don't care if I get to post scent notes when I hear of a name..the item will come out and I can see and journal it then. Does it make a difference today, June 16th if I told you the scent notes of an item that is coming out in November?  Does it make any kind of difference to you...because it doesn't to me.  It will come out and I/we will all march into the store and try it and turn the bottle around and read it.  But it does make a difference to the company who may want to get to November to release it.

Yes we all love knowing..we want to know more and we applaud those who share so they share more.  And it's all fun and games until someone loses their job.

I've said it before and I will say it is going to come at a cost.  

Posting the list of Fall or Holiday or Spring test candles is not letting the cat out of the bag.  They are out there for sale and it helps people get what may or may not hit the stores in upcoming months.  And I am not pretending to be holier than thou in saying this....but when the scent notes to an item are out well before its scheduled release....I was told that the competition will get them out to market.

This is what I am told.  Whether or not it is true.... I don't know.  I have heard that some companies had their employees get a job in a competitors apparently....the soap market is full of dirty tricks.  Pun intended.

I worked for a company that had a competitor that would copy the designs ...not well....but they would try.  And I had been in meetings where we were told we had to destroy any photocopies of things we were using (proofreading).  Nothing left the building....(pre Iphones  ha ha ) Now keeping the lid on something is utterly impossible.

So yes, we all appreciate that person who sneaks a tidbit here and a scent note there out to a friend and it ends up on the web.  We love reading and getting excited....and the writer gets some sense of satisfaction in letting everyone in on the secret.

But we all need to remember, they call them secrets for a reason.