Sunday, June 9, 2013

Newest SAS tidbits....

June 9, 2013

I was told sooo much today I am trying to remember everything to share it.  But first let me address something from a previous blog:

  • June 1st when I wrote the blog regarding Semi Annual Sales and the 50 % off blue bin items will be going to 75% off.... (as told to me by the stores manager)
 a store worker commented that I was incorrect regarding that information about the TRUE BLUE SPA will not be going 75% off

- True Blue Spa items currently at 50% will start the SAS at 50%.
- The collection releasing July 8th is Summer Chill. There's been no mention at a store level of anything releasing June 12, Summer Lovin' or otherwise"

As it turns out, I was correct as all of those blue bin items currently in the store....well at least my store....will be going 75% off according to a manager again today...  Including the True Blue Spa.  Heck I got True Blue Spa sunscreen mist from said bin for 95% off today.   I am not making stuff up for goodness sakes....If I ask a stores MANAGER a question and she tells me after reading paperwork that something is going to happen, I have to assume she is correct....right? 

And if I go into the store Wednesday and the items are not 75% off she can turn around and say, we got a email.....  How would I know any different?       We have all heard that before. 

And regarding the Summer Lovin notation I made on my blog for that day, June 1st.... those who read all of the blogs know that it was said back in March that there were going to be two lines of summer themed products coming out.  The closer it got to the SAS the more info came out...including scent notes and names. 

My including the names and the dates of when we (I) was told they would be releasing {June 12th and July 8th}  was not incorrect information then as your newest comment implies.

If your store information from BBW itself wasn't as informative on June 1st that doesn't make my information incorrect.  Maybe it just means some bloggers have different sources. 

I was told today from a manager that the Summer Lovin line is coming out in that store Wednesday and she spoke of the marketing and prices.  Friday in another store I was told Summer Chill and Summer Lovin will launch together in July.   Who do we believe????    So all are welcome to comment and offer your "corrections" as they are appreciated.  But don't get mad at me when something I wrote wasn't wrong.

I share as accurate information as I can on MY blog page, and not just information that is shared on other pages I may have read...but information I try to confirm from numerous sources.  I don't work for B&BW so I am not at liberty to read the numerous emails that come in saying one thing and then changing it days later.

I ask questions and I share what I see for myself as well as those things I am told. 

As of Friday, customer Service told me they never heard of the names of products in the Summer Lovin line yet there they were online for sale.

  • As for smelling Summer Lovin' today I was able to as my store has them out as testers to try.  Nothing impressive.  Re-labeled items and poorly done design wise at that.  The berry is for me a re do of Be Enchanted. And the others weren't mentioning as they all smell alike.

  • My store shared that these Summer Lovin' will Launch at SAS time with marketing of $5.00 a bottle for lotion and shower gels so start checking your stores to see if it is out....even though some stores are saying it will launch next month with (probably more re-dos) Summer Chill.

  • I was told the candles in the store are all going on sale....and there are a few different pricing levels now shown on marketing.  Some starting at half off...some at eleven dollars....with promise that they may come down even more.  Don't wait, if you want something...grab it and get your slip adjusted later.

  • Don't count your chickens yet on 90% off....I was told that the stores were told to expect huge amounts of shipments coming for the next three weeks to keep adding to the red and white checked  paper bins to keep the stock fresh.  Even knowing that customers want lower pricing, B&BW is going to flood small stock rooms with lots of stuff and not lower too much like years past.  Time will tell. Again, grab what you want when you see it and worry about lower prices later.

  • I heard and saw the boxes filled....with older labels of PINEAPPLE and LILAC BLOSSOM 3 wick candles that are going to be priced for $5.00 a candle day one.  Get there fast as I am sure the workers will have them pretty picked over already...or ask your store to hold one or two for you.  There will be other candles at the $5.00 price as well.

  • There are huge boxes filled with home sprays in assorted scents and they weren't sure what was in there until they start floor set.  They are not sure if any of the Fall 2011 Bake shop scents were going to come in.

  • I was told in my store they got one box of 8 double packs of Mint Chocolate wallflowers and asked if I wanted any as they probably won't be enough to even put out.

  • This store did get a lot of the Fall 2011 Bake Shop candles so I should be able to get those scents I wanted....I will just be limiting my choices after watching a few YouTube reviews.  These aren't sold with cotton balls so I should not need to use a cotton ball to absorb the excess wax to keep them burning.

  • The assorted hand soaps that we knew were coming are in stock, and I heard Island Margarita is one that is limited.  Duah,  My store said they did not hear that caramel apple was coming back....I thought I heard LBD say her store said yes.  See, you have to check numerous stores for different items and post what you find!

  • A lot of the home items....pineapple sets....will be half off.  I wanted the pineapple burner today as it has been on sale for weeks online but I was told nope..not yet.  The manager and I discussed how silly it is to not reduce the pricing after a few weeks....rather than wait for a sale in the middle and end of the year.  I could go into the store everything I want now....and come back in three days and get my slip adjusted for half off.  Crazy isn't it?

  • the mens Oak scent will be back in stores for the sale.

  • A lot of the higher priced signature items were emptied out in the store with everyone using the coupon that was out this weekend for a freebie up to $16.50.  Make sure you have one of those with you for sale day as the grace period is three days and it is marked June 11th as an expiration date.  I already asked in my store will they honor it and was told yes. 

  • And don't forget to make your list.  My store told me to make my list and drop it off by Tuesday night and they will pull what I need for me and have it ready.  Granted, half of the fun is rummaging through the bins and I can still do that with all of the numerous bins of stuff I don't know is coming...relaxing a bit knowing what I did want is waiting for me.
Happy Shopping.