Saturday, June 15, 2013

Semi Annual Sale part three and Michaels

June 15, 2013

It was a glorious day weather wise here today the kind of day that you know you must get out there early and enjoy.

Mine started out early with a haircut, and then a quick trip back home to clean up and head towards another Bath & Body Works store....the A level one I sometimes shop at.  I stopped for Chinese first then headed to this very, very crowded store.  It's layout is much different from the other two I frequent.  This store is long and narrow and very hard to maneuver around without a bunch of women ripping bins apart.  Add in two women with baby strollers and that left me with a few ankle bruises.

And for an A level, it had very little.  I was shocked.  My favorite weekly store had a TON of 75% off items....this store had one table, barely filled with the sweetheart line items and a few odds and ends.

There were three containers at the registers of lip glosses but they were hard to get at with long lines and no space.

The mini candles were priced much higher here at $2.00 and the selection was more limited as well.

The manager here did stop to remind me that all shower gels, both for men and women were five dollars.  I have enough to launch my own semi annual....which I told her and she laughed and said. "I bet."

So I found a few items I liked....the woman in front of me got a lot of the Christmas scents wallflowers including Winter Candy Apple...but there was a nice assortment of other scents that were nice to see.

Here is what I got today:

lipglosses: $2.78 2.78  2.60

lotion:  $2.08

Wallflower duos:  $4.17 per pk


After B&BW I stopped at Lowes and Home Depot outside of the mall to get shelving to hold some of this up the attic. A few more stops and I was on the front porch sipping coffee with family.  My brother is working on a project to display all of the Harry Potter wands they got in Florida on last months vacation and needed a few extras to complete the light up box so he asked me if I wanted to yes please.....and we headed off to Michaels tonight. 
I checked out the clearance bins and found some cute paper products for fifty cents and when I finished up with the scrapbooking aisle and some great clearance items there, I went to look for the clearance 70% off spring flowers and found fall out now too.
I do like seeing everything out a little early, when its offered on sale.  It makes getting the best selection of items easier and with a half off any item coupon in my email....that helps add up the savings. This way, I can take care of a lot of projects and have them waiting for the appropriate time.
  I have been doing all kinds of crafts since I was very young and I am going to start sharing all of those things on my craft blog.. including the large scarecrow centerpiece and fall flowers I make and sell. 
A month today is vacation time and I can't wait.  Hopefully I will be more focused on thinking Summer time activities and less Autumn by then. 
Maybe a visit for a soft ice cream tomorrow will help.... B&BW's ice cream shop candle didn't do it.