Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bath & Body Works SAS tips and thoughts.

June 5, 2013

It's quiet here tonight.  An occasional car will go up the street and break the silence, and then it is back to nothing-ness.  The day was sun filled with promises of rain tonight into tomorrow and the air was filled with the smell of charcoals being ignited for grilling and the scent of food cooking all day long.  While summer isn't officially here yet, it sure does feel like it.

In a week the kids will be out of school for the summer and the playground next to my home will come to life with noise.  I am taking in all of the silence I can because it won't be like this for long.

I am sitting here tonight making a list of things I have interest in getting next week...or sooner if the rumors are true... at the SAS.  For a bit of time today the items I had loaded into my shopping cart rang up at SAS prices...and it seems as soon as I mentioned it on my blog...they were down.

But taking the time to make my list now hopefully will ensure I get the best bang for my buck on items that I don't need of course, but want. 

I do love a lot of the fragrance mists that are offered but most times they don't mesh well with my body chemistry so I stick with what works and skip the rest. 

I do love the fresh cotton scent.....not for me...but for my linens and never skip that one.  A few squirts sprayed in the closet on the towels and sheets makes them smell fresh when I take them out for use. 

So that is added to my list.

The yummy scents of fall things like salted caramels and mint chocolate are high on the list..I am hoping for a few extra surprises fall-ish.

It seems a lot of the pricing will either be
  • 50% off...
  • $3.00 signature online signature exclusives brought back as well as soaps ... and room sprays
  • $11.00 for candles 
  • $6.00 for WF duos....
so I try to group things according to how I am going to use my coupons.  Things get busy and your sometimes pulled into the excitement of the chase of great sales that you can end up missing out on a lot of freebies.

Use your surveys as much as you can.  They are worth an additional 33% off an order of $30.00. And think about your purchases before you get to a very crowded register where the SA is pulling things from your bag.  You pull out what you want each sale to be.

5 duo wallflower packs at $6.00 per pack means with a survey you can get 10 wallflower bulbs for $20.00 ( making them $4.00 per pack)

If the candles are priced at $11.00 each use your surveys on those as well....  I will try to grab two candles and add a few signature items in to round it up to an even $30.00 rather than three candles for $33.00.   That extra 3.00 can be put towards another sale with another survey.

For every survey you use, you are getting ten dollars worth of items free.  That's three online exclusive products...shower gel, mist and lotion... PLUS something else for $1.00..  Look around for the half off items to round up your totals.

If you still have some of the Pure Paradise bouncebacks...use those with $10.00 sales to get any new signature items (summer lovin' ? )  that may release on the 12th for free before they totally expire (3 day rule of thumb). 

And think about what your needs are for upcoming gift giving.  This is the time to fill your gift drawer/ closet. 

Try to budget (ya I know) yourself and get what you want while not breaking the bank on the first day.  Remember the bins may get new items in throughout the few weeks of sales.  But also keep in mind to grab what you really want....because with the return of Fan Favorites like those candles we all can't wait to grab....the SA's are filling up their bags too.

Most likely the Facebook Fan page is going to blow up with pictures of everyone's hauls and there sometimes are contests so snap those pictures as you stockpile.  Ha ha. 

And remember to have fun...and smile.  If your haul is a ten dollar purchase or a hundred dollar purchase...the best part of SAS is to enjoy the sale.

I will see you at the blue bins.....Happy Shopping!