Saturday, June 29, 2013

a "New Fall State of Mind"

June 29, 2013

Last night I wrote about the things shown on B&BW Sistas public Facebook fan page so I hope you went there to check them out.  There were some awesome goodies shared by fellow sista Michelle Denise Smith that she saw in her area and it was a few of those things I referenced fellow blogger Cia's photo about.  Cia was kind enough to repost her photo on a article today so you can see what I was mentioning.



Todays finds!!! Scentportable holders owl is $5.50 and others are $5!

The owl and the round blinged out scent portables are there in Cias pics.

Todays finds!!! New pocket holders $5!Todays finds!!! New pocket holders  light ones the camera and the elephant $7.50!I didn't get him but thought I would share he is $12.50 tummy lights up hold pocketbac

My store said they have all of these holders in and there is a blue and a pink owl pocketbac holder but they didn't get this awesome owl in yet.

A big thank you to Michelle and Cia for sharing these.

When I went to my store today to see if I could find anything new....I did get to see the new Owl soap sleeve and fell in love with it immediately because it had pumpkins on it.  Of course it is not for sale yet.... my store is very scared to even think about selling anything.  I was told they got a call to see if anyone opened the new bounceback coupon box yet and showed anyone them.  It must be for the July 24th floorset....and the box remains sealed....  drats....

So the owl is priced at $7.50.

Then tonight I see fellow sista Lisaa Fong shared her photos of the owl and a few other things.  Isn't he adorable? 


I went back to the store and the same SA was working from when I first saw the owl hand soap sleeve. She let me buy them... Yippee! Here's a front and back picture.Here's the Acorn sleeve. I'm not sure what it's really for. You can put the full size pump antibac in it but the sleeve is much wider. The hand soap sleeve is interesting, art decoish, not sure if I'm going to keep it but I needed to spend $30 to use coupon.

The acorn holder is oval shaped and keeps us guessing as to what it is a holder for.  The usually have a purpose, these sleeve things....  round candles...soaps.... smaller candles...

My guess..... maybe this years limited edition soap...should there be one.....won't be round bottles like last years but maybe oval???

I wouldn't complain.

A big Thank you to Lisaa also for sharing her finds and putting us all back in that "New Fall State of Mind"