Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day and still sale shoppin'

June 16, 2013

It was a busy Fathers Day for us here and for all of the fathers who are reading this...I hope you are having a wonderfully awesome day.  I will share my Bath & Body Works Haulage from today now and write a separate blog for the other stuff later.

We went back to my favorite store today not really intending on buying anything....just more bin peeking than anything else.  As it always happens....that is not the case.

This store told me that tomorrow the signature items that were brought back and are selling for $3.00 each are going up to $4.00.  They are changing the floor set today.  Yesterday they had it mentioned that the Secret Wonderland was moving to the 75% off bins and then they heard move them back to the 50% off.  Also, some of the Midnight Pomegrante Bubble Baths were 60 cents.

This store still has a lot on the 50% off table and I look forward to all of that coming down even more.

I am still waiting for Mid Pom and Cherry Blossom to get off of that 50% table and get over where they belong on the 75% off table.

  • That's where I found the warm vanilla sugar items pictured and a bunch more other products.  They are the older label from before Holiday time last year so they are 75% was everything else pictured here.  Body butter was $2.84  and the TMC was $2.37
  • The bag was 1.14 and will be perfect for my sisters birthday gift. 
  • And those few soaps pictured { tropical sorbet float, FP apricots and FP blackberries}  were found in a box in the back...along with a bunch of others and were $2.09 each. 
  • The scrubs rang up at $2.66
  • And the body washes were $2.09 each

And I have to wonder....if the products were regularly priced at these prices, just how much MORE would we all own?  Ha ha.

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