Saturday, July 13, 2013

A girls gotta eat....

July 13th. 2013

Lemon Mint Leaf Wallflowers Fragrance Bulb - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

So for today with just a quick peek this is the only thing I saw new other than the VIP tote. But I am looking around still to see if there is anything new I need.

I saw that it was shared by LBD that there is a test store showing off a new hand soap bottle shape along with a new hand soap price.

The new regular price is $6.50 with a sale price of 4 bottles for $18.00 or 6 bottles for $24.00.
The ounces are the same and it is suppose to be reformulated with Vitamin E.   I wonder if they took out that Triclosan that everyone hates.

It was also said that the deep cleansing soap would be less abrasive and pump out of the bottle better.

Hmm.  Where to start.  If it isn't broke....don't fix it.

What is up with all of the new bottle changes anymore?  We don't always need new shapes...perhaps just... NEW SCENTS to keep our interest.  Granted, I know there is only so many ways to make coconut smell but why not keep the ones that sell out so quick as part of a Core collection....and stop renaming everything.  We love your products!

And this price increase is only going to do one thing..... Fill up the SAS bins.  And we won't buy them at 50% off then either. 

We all know the cost of living keeps going up yet our pays do not.  This companies products are luxuries and we love, love ~ love them....  But a girls gotta eat too.  :) 

I am working with you B&BW....I promote your items to all I speak with, I write about them every day..... I buy your items faithfully and never ask for anything for nothing.  I am grateful for the free item coupons I get and I pay it forward with sharing as much as I can with others who can't enjoy them as I do. 

So please make these tests because you need to....not because you want to see just how far we will go to get your products.  Where I once bought a few of every new test candle that came out I now limited my purchases to try a few I love and a few new....because of the price increase.

And yes, sure.... your new Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candle sounds and smells incredibly wonderful..... I just can't eat it.

And this girls gotta eat too.