Friday, July 12, 2013

A recap

July 12th, 2013

Before going to see Despicable Me2 yesterday, I stopped in the B&BW store in the mall to see what new they had put out for their recent floorset.  Having not been to any store since last Sunday I sort of expected to see a lot but came to find not much. Although, while leaving the store ...I noticed the cans on the CHILL display of something that looked like a cooling foam or mist and I shared that picture.  I didn't take the time to smell any of the Chill products then as I didn't want to be late for the movie...but with all of the delays in making me wait to see and smell and even buy them, I sort of lost interest in this line.  And I bet I am not alone.  I mean how many more coconut signature items are we needing?  bring on the dang Pumpkins!

Everyone is showing pictures of all of these new and different pumpkin things they are getting in their stores and here mine are not putting out anything that may have a pumpkin on it fearing its not suppose to be out until the big ta-do at the end of the month.

I did find out earlier today that the stores around me are not participating in the VIP Tote promo and most likely won't have the other extras as well.  Why they chose a few stores in PA and CA out of the 1,600 stores to not have this bag is beyond me.  But there have been a few other not so special store events that these stores had no idea of....especially a few deal of the day specials.

The online site is adding new items up daily, a few at a time.  I am seeing more Fresh Picked candles being added and I just love the new lid details on those. I saw on Facebook Sistas a fan,  Tammy Jane shared her newest candle purchase....  the Fresh Picked Apple Ale.  I am very curious how this candle smells.  Big thanks to Tammy for sharing this with everyone.

Wow! Out of all the Fall candles I ordered I think this is my favorite. Cute lid!

So far I have burned two of the new Pumpkin candles I received this week...the Pumpkin Carrot Cake and the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle....and both are definite re-purchases for me.  The pumpkin carrot cake candle is a huge reminder for me of a holiday scented candle we have.....and I am trying to pinpoint its scent.  When it first started burning I thought of it is sweet but not a sickening sweet...just that it reminds me of a holiday scented candle I own...which is making me crazy.....because for me its not pumpkin anything and not carrot. 

The Pecan candle had such a warm yumminess to it that I didn't want to blow it out to try another candle.  I know warm yumminess is not really a great review of it and I will sit and write out the reviews on a separate blog.  I just wanted to share that so far the candles I chose are really good and even though the scents are not all what I would normally buy I am willing to try those masculine scents to think...or smell, out of the box.  Now had I been buying in store I may have passed up on a few of these but since they are here, I am willing to try them.

Tomorrow is Hallmarks Ornament Premier for those who are collectors of those Christmas Ornaments.  I began my collecting them in 1987 and my first ornament was that of an elf with three light bulbs on his back and a wrench and you were to hook him to a if he was fixing it.  As the years passed my collections the prices were then reasonable enough to grow them....and I always made sure I had collected Marys Angels in honor of my daughter.  After her passing I did stop collecting the daughter yearly ornament but still continued on with the one can never have too many of those.  My collection of Hallmarks is in the hundreds but I have considerably cut back on my ornament purchases.  Perhaps it is a getting older thing....or maybe just a I've got an attic full of junk thing....  Maybe its just a ~ you want how much for that piece of plastic ~ thing but I limit my buying to those things that make me smile. 

I have a Christmas tree out on my bedroom dresser all year long and a few ornaments that are special to me hang off of my desk lamp here next to me as I type.  I do keep Christmas in my heart all year so on days like tomorrow when its going to be 90 degrees and humid I look forward to seeing little snowmen.

So that is my brief recap for tonight.  I will post more tomorrow after shopping.