Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blogging outside of the box.....

July 31, 2013

The air is finally cool coming through the windows tonight.  After weeks and weeks of heat and humidity this subtle drop is noticeable. Maybe more so because I am lost in thoughts of fall and the upcoming sales that fall shopping brings. 

In going through my collections of things all things wax while cleaning I surely don't need to add any more candle anything to my stash yet I couldn't help myself from wondering what will this holidays candle selections be at Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works.  Decorative shoe box after shoe box revealed melts and votives of candle scents from years gone by....and I found myself wanting to burn each and every one of them.

I finished my task, cleaned up from after dinner and took my seat in front of the computer for the night now awaiting Big Brother to come on while tinkering on my blog page..  That show makes me shake my head.  For me it is simply this... how much is your sanity worth....because I don't know if I could live locked in a house with 16 other people trying to get me out for their own gains while 65 cameras report my every...and I mean every...move. 

I thought at least a potty break was excluded but after last weeks camera shot is not.  Maybe its just an age that I am at for my thinking, but some things should be left to the imagination.

But I watch it.

Earlier today I was talking with my brother about my web page and how interesting all of the bones of it really is.  The structure of a page is unknown when you write on a page that is formatted for you and it isn't until you try to figure it all out yourself that you know....its not easy.  I am so fortunate to have him as my guru as he is brilliant when it comes to this stuff.  And we were talking about adding new things....not that I don't like my look... I love it.  But since we started that page...what two months now....we keep updating it as we find more things we want it to represent. 

Here at BlogSpot I can add a tab at the top for links to other bloggers and vloggers or I can post links at the bottom of the page to make accessing them fast and simple.  I know what I share on my page is me heart and soul and it is great to know that there are so many others with different perspectives of the same things I am sharing so I want my readers to also experience what they offer as well.

I wanted to offer this same simplicity to my web page and now it is beautifully Life Friends.


A rotating photo link of some of my favorites lets my readers take in what I love as well as offering them some other really great blogs.

(if you are a blogger or vlogger and would like your link added, feel free to contact me or leave your link in the comment section below.)

I did have this offered at the bottom of my page the past few days but we both felt that space could be better served with a scrolling Life images section.  I am a die-hard photography nut.

When I first started this blog I wanted a image section where I could store and archive all of the photos I wanted to share yet the image section wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be.  Now I will archive all of my Bath and Body Works images I want to keep in a separate category (archive) where I can add the photos as blogs and then  keep my Images open to share the beautiful photos I take daily.  And as they are added, they will rotate on my home page frontage.

When I started this endeavor a few months ago it was with the one thought I could have a place to write what I want while protecting myself from the pitfalls of blogging.  I was happy with its simplicity.

Today I have so many features  that I couldn't have attract viewership from all facets of social media; from Pinterest Inspirations and Twitter that posts automatically as I YouTube and Facebook....there something here for everyone.

Here at Life..Inside the page......blogging outside of the box.


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