Monday, July 8, 2013

On your mark, get set.....SHOP!

July 8th 2013

Just when I think okay, no more new stuff is out on line in photos...... another person comes back and shares what they have found today in their stores.  I am giggling because I am trying to write out a blog of all of the new Vera Bradley items with numbers coming out tomorrow on QVC for the four different hour shows and I am getting so distracted. 

These two bloggers just shared some true Awesome-ness so go check them out.



So Brandon showed us this fantastic I must buy at least three...Pumpkin Wallflower.

 I don't buy to resell....I buy in groups of threes things I love just in case one stops working well after they are gone from the stores and in case a friend mentions they really wanted it and missed getting it. 

I love this to use as a guest place setting for the upcoming holidays.  I can add a beautifully written out name card in front of the base and it will stand up on a dinner plate or the table like it is now shown.  At the end of the night, your guest could choose their own favorite scent bulb from a basket.

And we may be getting wallflower bulbs in our stores in these scents:

  • pumpkin cupcake
  • pumpkin caramel latte
  • pumpkin apple
  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin

He mentioned that the wallflower units were excluded from the sale currently, so we will need to watch if that is a permanent thing from now on.

I saw the zebra large hand sanitizer this weekend but passed on getting  it until I was able to use my bounceback coupons.

I did call customer service this morning about the stores not allowing the coupons this weekend and I was told the three day grace period before and after the date was a courtesy done from the company and the stores are suppose to allow it.  I was told they recognize that not everyone can get to a store always during the date period so they allow that grace period.  At no time are they to not take a coupon and she would talk with the stores who said otherwise.

So hopefully now I can go get the list of item numbers typed for tomorrows Vera Bradley sales....  too bad none of those are pumpkin designs.   ;)