Friday, July 26, 2013

New Pocketbac Holders: Haunted House, Pumpkin (light up) Fox and socks

July 26, 2013

On a routine walk around a still stocked in summer stuff only B&BW store I was talking to the manager who asked me what I was looking for and when I replied pumpkins....she lowered her eyes and said they have no idea when.  She was not happy that her district was excluded from the Fall VIP tote....( me too) and said they had no idea when they will be allowed to put out all that fills their back room.

She then said...." did you get the haunted house light up pocketbac holder and pumpkin?"


I saw them hanging on the pocketbac rack and was shocked to see Halloween pocketbac holders out when the fall soaps and candles and even pocketbacs aren't.

Having a bunch of chill bounce back coupons left....I grabbed five signature items for my freebies (shower gel, tmc, and three body scrubs) ....added a few of those muslin pumpkin event giveaway bags from the last pumpkin patch 4oz jar (my store had them for fifty cents on clearance)  and called it a day.
They also have socks in owl and fox patterns and while I didn't need them persay....they would make cute add ons for holiday gifts later on.

So here are the photos of the new....

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