Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bath and Body Works New-ness report.....

July 18th 2013

I am sitting here tonight surrounded by shopping bags from my numerous trips to different stores today.  It is so hot outside that going anywhere other than a mall is pointless.  So I shop.

And for the most part it has been shopping at bath and Body Works...although there is rarely anything new.  Today I found a few new things and got to see some other new-ness....but I will get to that in a minute.

I was shopping in the malls Kmart store back in the children's section looking for toys for the Toys for Tots box for the upcoming holiday and I found that there was an entire end cap of toys at reduced prices....including Barbies.  There were all different kinds of sets as well as the dolls themselves all reduced for the low low low price of $3.99.  Where can you buy a name brand doll for $3.99 any more?  Kmart.

I then hit the malls Hallmark store to look at their clearance racks.  I found a bunch of things clearanced at half off....some note cards in gift sets and other paper products as well as a Yankee Candle grapes jar lid and that Butterfly candle melt burner.  I did grab four of the new wax melts they have out...those that come right out of the burner easily.  Pumpkin Buttercream, Spiced Pumpkin and Sage and Citrus. 

So now Bath and Body Works.

Yesterday while shopping locally I stopped in the store here and again saw no $10.00 sign by the cooling mists.  I asked the SA to check and sure enough they are on sale...  duah....and she went into the back room and got the sign.  I heard her tell another customer with a bounceback that she could use it and get two of the mists if she I did just that.  Plus I grabbed four of the pinecone refills for the scent portables as they are now 75% off.

Today I found a few new things.

First there is a new flashlight looking pocketbac holder.

Made of hard plastic, you open it up and slide your pocketbac in and honestly it is not easy to pop the top and use the product.  Priced at $8.50, I passed.

What I didn't pass on was this new nail clipper in a black cat motif.



Very adorable to say the least and it now joins the other three in the collection.

I was texting a friend of mine back and forth since right before going into the store (while at dinner) and I was told I could see some of the new as it just came in off of the truck but I was told to first put my phone away.  I was shocked but I did.  And I was shown the small pumpkin jar with lid candle that is coming for the preview event for I think it was $6.00 with a $20.00 purchase.  This jar is filled with Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and is prepriced $12.50...which I don't think it's worth that.  It's not big at all.

And let me say again for the record a bit of a hmm, vent so to speak....this not disclose RE DICK U LOSS.  And I meant to spell it that way.  And the nonsense earlier at the store will be written on my dot com blog for registered users and I will leave it at that.  For now.

Okay....So the new fall scented soaps are in and the new names are REDOS of oldies but goodies.  Montana Mountain air is FIG. And I think the aspen autumn day is.....autumn day.  Go figure.  :)

I got to smell the Pumpkin Cupcake foamy....yummy....and the Pumpkin Latte has the most adorable
 label....a latte cup with a pumpkin and its yummy too.  I got to smell the Heartland Harvest marmalade.....smelled like marmalade to me...

There are new pocketbacs as well I got to smell.... a Georgia peach....very peachy...and the creamy pumpkin and...hmmm what's the other.... I forget now. 

So slowly but surely things are coming in....just not yet coming out.

So I grabbed my new clipper, and a few of these nail files.

The SA said a woman came in and bought out all they had as bridal shower gifts.  She bought those mini nail polishes (like I gave at Christmas time to them) and she is making little gift bags.  Very nice idea. And I bought 5 more cinnamon roll and smores pocketbacs....and got a free bubble bath.

When I came back into town to pick up something else....I grabbed an owl clipper, two bubble glass candle holders (on clearance now 75% off) the green frog PB holder, a 50 cent PB holder for a gift and got another bubble bath for free.

I need to go find what's in the other bags I left downstairs and I will finish sharing the rest of the new....