Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New ~ Victorias Secret.... newest scent ~ Victoria!

July 23, 2013

UPS just brought me my package from Victorias Secret ordered last weekend...the rollerball of their newest scent to come out this Sunday July 28th.... VICTORIA.

Here are a few photos of it.....





The packaging reads: Eay De Parfum Rollerball

Fresh, Sexy, Totally Irresistible.  Victoria

Red Berries . Victoria Rose . Crème Brulee

My thoughts:  As soon as I opened the outer box I was impressed with the packaging of this rollerball.  Priced at $18.00, and on sale on the site,  I was lucky enough to have a save ten dollar coupon that I used to get this here to me days before its public release in stores for a total of only $6.95. 

The box has a hot pink color inside and the signature pink and white stripes outside with silver ribbon accents.  It came sealed in plastic to keep it clean.  The roller ball itself is silver metal and the tube measures about 5" long.  It has a pink bow screw off top.

When I rubbed it across the top of my hand the scent immediately reminded me of a scent from Bath and Body Works.

The sales associate in the mall store said it was for older people and I think that comment is just one of  inexperience.  This is NOT your nana's Jean' nate.  ha ha.

There are times when I smell a fragrance without reading the box I can pretty much guess what is inside...and I try to not read the notes first as I think doing that sometimes causes us to say...okay I smell that...when clearly no one else might.

On me, this parfume works....  and that is saying something since a lot of scents do not.  I do smell the roses BUT not as a scent on its own.  I smell the warmth of the crème and the berry notes...  It is sweet...but so far, not sickening.  I will wear it for a while to see if that changes.

I did notice that online there was no shower product to match this, only a lotion.  For me, right now... I will try this rollerball for a while and see how this scent develops before spending any more on it.

I would suggest if you want to try it... go on Sunday and try it out for yourself....from a tester or grab this ten dollar rollerball and give it a true test for a few days.

And I think bath and body works could take a lesson on how to offer a rollerball fragrance as this meets a lot of my marketing marks with high scores.