Sunday, July 14, 2013

This weekends purchases

July 14, 2013

Some of what I got this weekend.....

I love these gift bags and in buying them and the little owl pocketbac holder (that stands up and has no hanger because it is huge) I got all of the signature items free with my bouncebacks.  If I have to complain about anything it was the lack of information there was about the Chill mist products price wise.  I read online that it was on sale for $10.00 from others who purchased it as well as it is that price online.  When I asked at the stores I was in was it, I got the no answer (not convincingly ) and no checking it out at the register for me.  $6.00 per can is a huge price difference so I ended up passing on it.  I read today someone questioned it at their store and they found out it was on sale and then the SA went into the back to get the sign. 

This same thing happened at Sears yesterday when my husband was looking to buy a new lawnmower.  The sale sign was on the item and a round red additional 20% off sign was hanging up above it.  When I asked the sales man who was talking with him what that additional sale was, he told me...." I didn't  work yesterday I don't know." and kept talking nonsense stuff.   I hear that a lot when shopping at different B&BW stores . Oh, and the salesman never went to find out what it was about and we left without a I left without the three cans of CHILL.

I think if your working at a sales job...regardless of when you last worked....take a moment and see what is currently on promo so you are prepped for your customers.