Monday, July 29, 2013

Pumpkin Preview Collection ~ cancellation

July 29th, 2013

Slowly but surely thanks to social media, the word has gotten out that there is no Pumpkin Preview happening starting today.  Mentioned on Bath and Body Works News blog back on May 31st, this little snippet below was shared and when your in the heart of is exciting to wonder what scents are going to come back for Fall.  Well, for those of us die-hard Fall/ Holiday lovers it is.  I understand May is more summery thoughts, laying out on a beach and swimming... but quite honestly I get bored with all of the coconuts, pineapples and florals and I want my PUMPKINS.

And Bath and Body Works starts this kind of frenzy by showcasing a few things daily new in the fall line on their online site.  It is July and already we have had a few weeks to look at the candles, wallflowers and now soaps so we have gone above and beyond in letting them know we are they have gone above and beyond in teasing us.
Granted, I get it ...if your marketing and production did not match up for a preview....SAY SO.
Why is it that this company gets mum when something happens.....yet they utilize the social media for everything else?
I would bet...I didn't check so I don't know, but I would bet they were bombarded with calls to customer service today wanting to know where the preview is.
All they have to do is go on Facebook / Twitter and make one brief statement explaining what happened with what was mentioned by their staff months ago. 
They give them that sales catalog to help the SA's make sales and to make bigger they spread the good news...and when something changes we are all wasting our time going to stores to see the pineapples and coconuts only...and getting blank stares from sales associates who are scared to lose their jobs if they say anything.
I know in a day, week....and even a month all of the goodies we are clamoring for today will be out...sold and in our homes,...and we will be clamoring for the HOLIDAY things. So all of our frustrations are really moot.
But B&BW, I know your up on all of the social please let your faithful fans of your products know what we can expect...and when.
Hugs, your friend in soaps and wax...Tessie 

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