Friday, July 12, 2013

the Bad News about the Bath and Body Works VIP Tote

July 12, 2013

I am sure everyone who loves B&BW things and who follows everything about this brand knows that in the next few weeks the VIP TOTE for fall will be coming out.

I know Cia posted the pictures from the stores catalog of the tote bag last night and how awesome is that bag, right?  I'm so excited....!!!!  Thanks for the pics.

Well, here's a bit of information that I am not happy about currently. 

Being on vacation this week coming I had planned on going to a lot of different B&BW stores to see what they have been putting out that may differ on what my areas stores have.

So, by dumb luck I spoke with a person in one of the stores I will be going to, just to see if they had that light up owl pocketbac holder.

Guess what I found out?

That store is NOT participating in the week long Pumpkin fun and WILL NOT have tote bags.  I was like WHAT!!!!!

I thought she was kidding.  Here we are less than two weeks from launching this and I find out by dumb luck ~ no bag?  NOT COOL B&BW

So I thought...okay, maybe she was wrong in what she just read in her email... haha... so I called another store.  Nope.  and another..  Nope.  I called a bunch of stores and they all said the same thing.

I called a store way out of my area and she confirmed yes she is having the tote promo.... but she got only a few bags in shipment.  Um.  What?  If I want this I have to drive hours away...or hope it's offered online?

So we all know the bags are coming.  Yet, not all stores are going to have them.

Um....again.  Okay.  So I am putting it out there now.... ladies and gentlemen.  Call your stores and find out if yours is going to have them....just in case your wanting it.....and you may need to order it in the morning if it becomes available online that day.  We all know that promos like this sell out quick both in stores and online.

So disappointing. 

customer service told me there are stores in Pa and Ca that are not participating in the tote promo and when I asked her why she said we are not given that information.