Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pocketbac Hangers

July 30, 2013

To say I like those little plastic rubbery shaped into odd little things to dangle off of your purse to hold hand cleaner uppers would be an understatement. Because I like them so much, I had to find a way to keep them...without forgetting what I had so I will use them. 

I did have them tossed into a plastic container....small at first, then larger and larger. Then into a plastic storage bag separated by colors....then themes.  Crazy, I know.  But I like to change them out on my purse according to my mood and yes...my color of dressing scheme of the day. 

Hey, they aren't just for kids you know... ha ha....at the prices that they are now costing....kids would spend a weeks allowance on one.

So there they sit in a plastic container in plastic bags waiting for me to open it and pick one.  But as is always the case...I get lazy and grab the one at the top.

I thought and thought and what I came up with was this.....dangling them off of hangers.  Oh I thought of even using those shoe pocket over the door holders but there are so many they kept popping out of the pocket...Either that or the hippo holder started  a revolt and the monkey and the zebra joined in and they jumped.  ;)

I sat and put them all on hangers, catching hubby out of the corner of my eye shaking his head as he passed by my room.....  And the hanger can now hang on the clothes rack bar cart up the attic or in the closet or wherever a hanger will fit.  I can see everyone I own, easily and when I need that last little gift bag topper, I can see what I have extras of without having to go through plastic bags.

Yes, there are many....but you can't really own hundreds (and hundreds)  *ahem.... of pocketbacs without having a lot of holders to go along with them.  And lately, Bath and Body Works is really great about offering labels on the pocketbacs that match the holder itself so it makes it fun too. 

So that was my project while dinner cooked.  Now off to organize those antibacs.....
Happy Organizing!




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